Maggie Season 2 On Hulu – Is It Renewed Or Cancelled?

Find all the updates about Maggie Season 2 on Hulu in this article! 

Maggie is a romantic comedy TV series that ABC first picked up for 2021 and 2022. However, it was passed onto the Hulu channel as there was no opening for Maggie on ABC. 

The series is about a woman named Maggie who has strong psychic abilities. She can mostly see the future of the people around her. Her family, friends, colleagues, and even a random stranger. However, she cannot see her future. Maggie’s life is a huge mess. She is struggling to get by as her love life is a dead end, and she has no hope left. Just when she decides to give up on her love life, she sees a vision of herself, which changes her life forever. 

Maggie is a light easy going show with twists and a wholesome vibe. It will make you laugh while giving you blue moments with mild shockers. It is the perfect show to binge-watch during your weekend break.

Now the real question is, will there be a Maggie Season 2 or not? Will Hulu renew it or cancel it?

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Maggie Season 2 Renewal Status

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on the renewal of Season 2. Despite the show’s sweet storyline, it could not catch the attention it deserves. Hulu is still deciding the fate of the series. One can say that its fate is hanging by a thread. Some sources say that Hulu will consider renewing it if the series’ total number of viewers and retention rate increases. So keep your fingers crossed. Anything could happen! 

Maggie Season 2 Renewal Status
Maggie Season 2 Renewal Status

If Maggie Season 2 makes it against all odds, it will air in 2023. 

Maggie Season 2 Cast 

We believe if there is a second season of the series, the cast of season 1 will return. 

Here is a list of some of the cast members of Maggie Season 1:

Maggie Season 2 Cast 
Maggie Season 2 Cast
  • Rebecca Rittenhouse playing the role of Maggie 
  • Nichole Sakura playing the role of Louise 
  • Chloe Bridges playing the role of Jessie 
  • David Del Rio playing the role of Ben 
  • Chris Elliot playing the role of Jack 
  • Angelique Cabral playing the role of Amy  

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We believe the second season will pick up from where the first one ended. In the finale of first season, Maggie loses her psychic powers which her Angel explains could be because of her brain trying to protect Maggie from foreseeing something that could hurt her. Meanwhile, Ben tosses a coin to choose between Maggie and Jessie, leaving everything to chance. At the end of the finale Jessie and Ben get engaged, and Maggie sees another vision where she sees Ben at the altar with herself and Jessie. So this probably means that the future is changeable, and we will hopefully find out more in Maggie Season 2. 

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