The Rookie Season 5 Release Date Expectations

A.B.C. announced a handful of renewals a while ago, so where do we stand with The Rookie Season 5? You will read about it later in the article! In the 4th season’s finale, we saw a lot of havoc. In fact, the final moments have set the stage for the plot of the 5th season, which will focus on greater issues. We have mentioned everything you need to know about the upcoming 5th season of The Rookie below. 

The Rookie Season 5 Cast

Although there is no cast lineup for the 5th season so far, you can surely expect Nathan Fillion to return as John Nolan. According to our speculations, the following actors (and their characters) will also feature in the upcoming season:

The Rookie Season 5 Cast
The Rookie Season 5 Cast
  • Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez
  • Richard T. Jones as Wade Gray
  • Titus Makin Jr. as Jackson West
  • Mercedes Mason as Zoe Andersen
  • Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen
  • Afton Williamson as Talia Bishop
  • Eric Winter as Tim Bradford
  • Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper
  • Shawn Ashmore as Wesley Evers
  • Jenna Dewan as Bailey Nune

Who knows, we might get a few new additions in the upcoming season! But for now, we have no such details on the matter. So, you’ll have to remain patient. 

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When will the 5th season of The Rookie premiere?

The Rookie Season 5 will premiere exclusively on A.B.C. on the 25th of September. It will take the 10 p.m E.T. spot on the channel. The show got renewed for a 5th season way back in March. The actors themselves revealed the renewal via their Instagram accounts. 

The filming began a while ago, and according to the cast members, the 5th season is set in a very special location. They refused to reveal more details regarding it. In case you don’t want to watch the show on your T.V., you can also stream it on A.B.C.’s app. You’ll also find the new episodes on Hulu and YouTube T.V.

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The Rookie Season 5 Storyline

There is no plot synopsis for the 5th season so far. But of course, as the 4th season ended on a major cliffhanger, the story will pick up from there. Nolan will now finally be on the P2 level. With this promotion, he will now have additional responsibilities. This job might prove to be a bit taxing for him. Expect to see something of this sort in the 5th season of The Rookie. Moreover, now that he does not require a trainer, he is on his own. Hopefully, he will not mess things up. 

The Rookie Season 5 Cast
The Rookie Season 5 Cast

Reynolds got shot in the previous season, so he is now done! Lopez will have a hard time accepting that Evers was working as an informant all this time. Unfortunately, this is everything that we can say about the storyline of the upcoming season. Stay tuned for more updates. 


There is no trailer or any sort of footage from The Rookie Season 5. But we assure you that the filming began a while ago! Plus, the show is scheduled to premiere in September. So, we will get a teaser or a trailer soon enough. 

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So, that was everything you needed to know about the 5th season of The Rookie. Got any more questions? Feel free to let us know in the comments below! 


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