Jon Hamm’s Net Worth in 2022 – Latest Update!

When we hear the name Jon Hamm, the first and foremost thing that comes to our minds is the infamous character of Donald “Don” Draper in the show called Mad Men. The said acting role not only changed the life of Jon Hamm but also made him one of the most renowned stars in Hollywood. And to be honest with you, it will also be safe to say that if it had not been for this particular role, he would not have had the social standing that he now has in the Entertainment Industry. Seeing that this role has subsequently allowed him to transition from a struggling actor to becoming famous in no time. Yes, fellow readers, this is pretty much true. Even though he had every other quality to make it big in Hollywood as an actor, most of you would be very surprised to know that Hamm had a very rough start in his acting career. Nevertheless, things did get better for him (whether it was sooner or later), and it kept on going great from then on. You probably have heard the phrase ‘better late than never. Well, it can be applicable for the said actor in question as well, Considering the fact that although he did get famous late, he eventually got the praise, love and attention that he very much deserved. However, I know what the question is running around in your mind. Seeing his unmatched fame does make you wonder about Jon Hamm’s net worth, right?

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Do not worry! We have all the details that you might want to know about the said actor in question. Check them out now.

Who is John Hamm?

Before delving into his net worth, it is necessary to know a little bit about his personal and professional background. So that we can have an idea about how he made it to the place that he is in today.

Who is John Hamm?
Who is John Hamm?

Personal Background:

  • John Hamm’s full name is Jonathan Daniel Hamm.
  • He was born on March 10, 1971, in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • His mother’s name was Deborah Garner/Hamm (who was a secretary), and his father’s name was Daniel Hamm.
  • Hamm’s parents divorced when he was only two years old at that time.
  • His mother died due to colon cancer when he was just ten years old. Till then, he used to live with his mother and visited his father only on weekends.
  • But after her death, he moved in with his father and grandmother. The household of the said three generations was somewhere near Normandy.
  • Besides that, his father owned a flourishing truck company. However, his family trucking business, which was on the run for many generations, went downhill as Hamm grew older.
  • Unfortunately enough, his grandmother passed away soon enough, and his father got sick right afterwards. 
  • Ultimately, his father died when he was only twenty years old, back when he was in his sophomore year of college.
  • Moreover, he also has two daughters.


  • The actor’s lineage happens to include German, English and Irish members of the family.
  • Also, his surname comes from German immigrants as well.

First Acting Roles and Educational Background:

  • Jon Hamm’s first acting role was in first grade as Winnie The Pooh.
  • Moreover, he was also cast in the role of Judas in the play Godspell at the age of sixteen years old 
  • He seemed to have enjoyed the said experience but apparently did not take it seriously at first
  • Later on, he went to a private school in Ladue called John Burroughs School.
  • During his time there, he was a member of the football, baseball, and swim teams.
  • To our surprise, he also dated the future actress Sarah Clarke there.
  • After his graduation in 1988, the actor chose to get enrolled at the University of Texas over offers from several Ivy League schools.
  • Besides that, Hamm was a member of the Upsilon chapter of the Sigma Nu fraternity.
  • Moreover, he was also arrested for participating in a violent assault incident in November 1990. It was his third year of college.
  • Thus, he later on transferred to the University of Missouri.
  • Furthermore, he responded to an advertisement from a theatre company looking for players for a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Luckily enough, he got cast in the production.
  • Besides that, he was cast as Leon Czolgosz in Assassins in the same production.

Professional Background:

Jon Hamm is not only an American actor, but he is also a:

  • Television producer
  • Television Director
  • Film director
  • Voice Actor
  • Comedian

Struggling Actor:

  • When he graduated in 1993 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, he pursued teaching acting to his eight grade students.
  • But apparently, a normal career did not sit well with him. Thus, as a result, he permanently moved to Los Angeles in 1995.
  • He started working as a waiter and gave many auditions but with no luck.
  • More or less, he had a tough time finding acting work. Seeing that, he looked much older than age and even being part of the William Morris agency was no help at all 
  • After no response, the agency dropped him for good in 1998.
  • However, he did use to do theatre and was even a set designer for softcore pornography film for a very short period.

Early Work:

It was not till 2000 when he got his first role as:

  • The firefighter Burt Ridley on NBC’s drama series Providence
  • His one-episode contract got extended to nineteen episodes.
  • It subsequently allowed him to quit his job as a waiter.

Moreover, he also got the chance to make his first feature film debut. It was in:

  • Clint Eastwood’s adventure film Space Cowboys (2000).

Besides them, he was also cast for roles in works like:

  • Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)
  • We Were Soldiers (2002)
  • The Division from (2002 – 2004)

His other minors works were:

  • What About Brian
  • CSI: Miami
  • Related
  • Numb3rs
  • The Unit
  • The Sarah Silverman Program

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Career Breakthrough:

His career breakthrough was definitely his role as Don Draper in the television series Mad Men (2007–2015).

  • The said show made him an international star.
  • Although, he did not think that he would be cast for this role. 
  • Seeing that, almost eighty people already auditioned for it. 
  • Many of them were more famous than him at that time.
  • But fortunately enough, he got the role.

Awards and Achievements:

He has earned many awards and achievements over the years. Some of them are

  • Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series – Drama in 2008 and 2016
  • Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2015.
  • 16 Primetime Emmy Award nominations for acting in and producing Mad Men.
  • Nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor.

Jon Hamm’s Net Worth: How Much Is It?

Hold onto your breaths, folks, as I have some mind-blowing news for all of you out there. Are you ready? Well, listen carefully because you would not believe it. Seeing that the now thriving actor, Jon Hamm, has a whopping net worth of $45 million USD dollars.  

Jon Hamm's Net Worth: How Much Is It?
Jon Hamm’s Net Worth: How Much Is It?

Yes, you have heard that quite! Hamm clearly proved to the world that little effort could bring you to your desired place.

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Considering the fact that:

  • His monthly salary is more than $200 000 USD dollars


  • His annual income is more than $3 Million USD dollars.

Jon Hamm’s Net Worth: How Much Real Estate Does He Own?

  • Jon Hamm and his ex-wife Jennifer Westfeldt bought a 1,000-square-foot penthouse in the year 2013. It was located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is worth $2.45 Million USD dollars
  • After their divorce, the penthouse was extensively renovated and was then rented out in the year 2017 for almost $15,000 USD dollars per month.
  • The actor purchased a lavish four-bedroom house in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, for $3.375 USD dollars in the year of 2017.

Jon Hamm’s Net Worth: Endorsements Earnings?

Since 2010, Jon Hamm has done a lot of voice-over work for Mercedes Benz commercials and has earned quite a lot from them:

Jon Hamm's Net Worth: Endorsements Earnings?
Jon Hamm’s Net Worth: Endorsements Earnings?
  • At the moment, he has a five-year contract with Mercedes that is worth $15 Million USD dollars to 25 Million USD dollars.
  • Which, more or less, means $3 Million USD dollars to $5 million USD dollars each year.

Besides that, he also did endorsements for H&R Block and American Airlines.

Jon Hamm’s Net Worth: How Much He Earned From Mad Men?

  • He charged $275,000 USD dollars for a single episode
  • Which typically means $4 million USD dollars for just a single season.


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