Valorant Ranks: Check Your Ranks With Easy Steps in 2022

If you want to learn what Valorant Ranks are and how they work then this guide will help you to the utmost. Because we have summarized all the relevant steps that you need to follow to check your ranks correctly.

Steps to Follow to Check your Valorant Ranks

Well first you need to know that these are the Ranks; Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant. The only way you can upgrade your rank is by getting more and more XPs. So, the higher the XPs that you have the higher your rank will be. But it is not that easy to upgrade your rank. Why? Because the more XPs you gather the difficulty level of the game also increases so with every passing level the challenges become increasingly hard. Hence you have to have good practice to ace the game.

Steps to Follow to Check your Valorant Ranks
Steps to Follow to Check your Valorant Ranks

These Rankings are different from FPS ratings. And only the top 1% of the players from the Regional Board can make it. So, you have to be an exceptional player indeed. Obviously winning in Regional matches will help you boost your rank. And another good strategy is to keep a track of all your previous matches. It will keep you updated on your progress throughout the matches.

Well now let’s talk about Rank Rating. The term means that it refers to the skills and performance of a player. And these RR points help you in reaching the next tier. But in case you have 0 RR you can also get demoted. However some argue that there are certain Valorant policies which can help you out.

How to Rank Higher on Valorant?

First and foremost you need to familiarize yourself with the strategies of the game. If you do not fully know about the environment then the game will automatically seem difficult to you. Another tip is to remain alert while playing every game. This will help you in achieving the maximum XPs and consequently your rank will upgrade.

How to Rank Higher on Valorant?
How to Rank Higher on Valorant?

Either you lose or you win but make sure that you give your 100% in every match. If you follow this advice closely your rank will improve on its own. For now this is all for the guide. For more such information regarding Valorant stay tuned!

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