Pokémon TCG Pocket Coming In 2024 to iOS And Android Devices

Pokémon TCG Pocket is expanding its agenda to mobile devices as well! The card game, which has been a fan favorite for many years, seeks to broaden its audience through the game’s expansion to mobile platforms. In hopes of achieving this, the game has been officially confirmed to launch on iOS and Android devices. Below, you will read about it.

Pokémon TCG Pocket Is Launching in 2024

According to the official website, Pokémon TCG Pocket will be available in 2024. However, no definite mobile game release date has yet been disclosed.

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The game is a collaboration between The Pokémon Company, DeNA, and Creatures Inc. The Pokémon Company announced it at the February 27 Pokémon Presents event. Players were shown how to swipe to open the Pokémon cards digitally. Similar to the actual game, these cards can be utilized in new ways. As a player, you are restricted to opening two packs daily, and the game won’t charge you a penny.

More About Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket Features 

The game’s launch for Android and iOS devices is the Pokémon Company’s way of adapting for future generations. It introduces the revitalized concept of collecting cards in a glorious digital format.

Of course, there is a difference between the actual and digital cards. The ones in the game will be more immersive. The cards will display visual effects exclusive to that specific card’s artwork. The cards will also have rare illustrations that were famous back then.

Pokémon TCG Pocket Coming In 2024 To iOS And Android Devices
Pokémon TCG Pocket Coming In 2024 To iOS And Android Devices

The old and brand-new cards will all be available in the game app! Further expanding the concept, they have introduced a streamlined version, allowing players to engage in quick battles to utilize their cards.

While discussing the TCG Pocket, Creatures Inc. President and CEO Yuji Kitano said the game would feature “immersive cards,” allowing players to explore the magical world of illustrations.

This is what you currently need to know about Pokémon TCG Pocket, but stay tuned for more updates.

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