Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Heatran Easily

For numerous reasons, Pokemon Go Shiny Heatran is one of the hardest Pokemon to catch. Hence, you must be wary of a few things compiled below to catch the Pokemon. The story starts with defeating numerous Heatran 5-star raids. For more, continue reading the article!

The Heatran you capture doesn’t need to be going to be shiny. So, it would help if you only focused on the Heatran. Whether it turns out to be shiny or not is purely luck. With that being said, Shiny Heatrans are also possible to catch. The players will get the chance to catch them in the February Raid Battles and Raid Hours. You’ll have to win multiple Heatran raids to win the shiny version!

Pokemon Go Shiny Heatran: Complete Guide On Catching It

Pokemon Go Shiny Heatran
Pokemon Go Shiny Heatran

You’ll only get access to the Heatran if you are a Raid Boss. So, for starters, you need to look out for Legendary Raid Battles. These last for different durations. Now is the perfect time for you to catch them!

You’re still in luck because the time is not over yet. Here is the next time window to catch the Shiny Heatran: from February 22, 2024, until February 23, 2024, and then from February 26, 2024, until March 1, 2024.

But winning these battles is more challenging than it sounds. You must undergo vigorous training and challenges to get where you want. So, patience is the key!

Why is Heatran Hard To Catch?

You’ll have to familiarise yourself with the Heatran’s strengths to catch it. The main reason behind its being undefeatable is its stats, which include 251 Attack (ATK), 213 Defense (DEF), and 209 Stamina (STA).

Weaknesses and Resistances of Pokemon Go Shiny Heatran To Remember

Once you know these abilities, half of the hard work will be done, providing you with knowledge to tackle the issues.

Heatran’s weaknesses:

  • Fighting-type moves
  • Water-type moves
  • Ground-type moves

Heatran’s Resistances:

  • Bug-type moves
  • Fairy-type moves
  • Grass-type moves
  • Ice-type moves
  • Poison-type moves
  • Steel-type moves
  • Dragon-type moves
  • Flying-type moves
  • Normal-type moves
  • Psychic-type moves

You might have to go through the trial and error process, which will be energy-consuming. But this training is worth getting the chance to capture Pokemon Go Shiny Heatran.

That was all you needed to know about catching Pokemon Go Shiny Heatran. Remember to bookmark the page for more such guides!


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