Stardew Valley Alex Gifts: List Of All Best And Worst Gifts

If you want to woo Alex in Stardew Valley, then you just need to send him gifts twice in a week, plus one on his birthday. The list of Stardew Valley Alex Gifts is concise, but if you send the right gifts at the right time, then it will help you to raise your friendship level with Alex.

But if you send anything as a gift which he doesn’t like, then it will lower the level of his friendship with you. However, if you send the right gift on his birthday, then you will be able to gain 8X effects along with several dialogues.

It could be possible that you have heard that he is very arrogant and keeps on bragging about his athletic skills. If you are a bachelorette in Stardew Valley and trying to impress Alex then start sending him gifts to give a start to your relationship.

Stardew Valley Alex

Stardew Valley Alex Gifts Dialogues

When you send him a gift which he loves or likes to receive on his birthday, i.e. on 13th of summer. Then, he’ll say the following lines.

“You remembered my birthday? I’m impressed. Thanks.”
“ “Oh, is it my birthday today? I guess it is. Thanks. This is nice.”

For the Neutral Gifts, his reaction will be:

“For my birthday? Thanks.”

For the gift items which he dislikes and hates, then Alex will say

“It’s my birthday and you give me this? Is this some kind of joke?”

His reaction for the gift Items, which Alex loves to receive in Stardew Valley:

“Hey, awesome! I love this stuff!”

For the gift items which he likes:

“This is cool! Thanks.”

For Neutral things, he will say the following words.


Reaction on disliked items.

“Um… Okay. Thanks.”

Stardew Valley Alex Gifts list

Stardew Valley Alex Gifts: List Of All Best And Worst Gifts

If you got feelings for Alex, then you need to know about his taste before chasing or impressing him. If you know basic details about Alex, then you’ll have the upper hand because you will get him exactly what he would want to see. So, let’s read further and find out the items which your dream boy likes the most in-game.

Stardew Valley Alex Loves the Following Gifts

Alex in Stardew Valley is a food lover. To impress him quickly, you can offer him full breakfast every day. If you have an upgraded kitchen in your farm, then you can cook a delicious breakfast for him by using several items such as Fried Eggs, Pancakes, Hash browns, and Milk.

In dinner, you can offer him Salmon dinner, which you can cook in an upgraded kitchen by using Salmon, Kale and Amaranth as an Ingredients.

Furthermore, there are some universal gift items that Alex loves to receive. By sending him these items, you will earn eighty relationship points, but it would not be an easy task to complete.

When you give him a loved gift, he will just respond with a heart dialogue bubble.

Quick Tip:- If you aren’t a good cook or you don’t have upgraded kitchen, then you can purchase complete breakfast and the salmon dinner for 350 gold coins and 300 gold coins respectively.

Prismatic Shard:- This universal item is one of the most treasured things throughout the Stardew valley. You can get this precious treasure after mining in the Omni geodes, Gem nodes, and Mystic stones.

Rabbit foot:- You can purchase this item from the travelling cart for between 1,695 to 2,825g. Though if you are lucky enough, then this item can be dropped at the Skull Cavern by the serpent for you.

Pearl:- This unique item can only be obtained during the Night Market Festival. During the event, you will just have 0.4% chances to get pearl while fishing in the fishing submarine. It is one of the best precious items of the game as only one Pearl may be obtained from the Mermaid Boat per player per save the file.

Magic Rock Candy:- It is a unique edible item of the valley. You can get this candy in your inventory after donating 90 items to the museum or wait for the Haunted Skulls to drop it. If you got enough Prismatic Shards, then you can purchase it on each Thursday from the Desert Trader for 3 Prismatic Shards.

Golden Pumpkin:- You can only obtain the golden pumpkin during the Spirit’s Eve Festival. It also has a chance to appear inside Artifact Troves.

Stardew Valley Alex Liked Gift Items

In comparison to loved items, the liked gifts value less friendship points as they are easily available in the valley. You can earn 45 friendship points by sending him the things which he likes to receive.

Alex likes to include;

  • All universal likes such as Life Elixir and Maple Syrups.
  • All eggs but not void ones.

Note:- The dinosaur egg is considered as Artifacts in the game. So avoid using it gifting purposes.

Stardew Valley Alex Neutral Gift Items

Suppose you send him the items that fall under the neutral gifts category (doesn’t matter if the item is from universal or other neutral categories). Alex will just give you an neutral expression on these gifts. Although there are exceptions where you will be earning 20 friendship points with him.

All universal Gift Items that Fall Under Neutral Category

  • Duck Feather.
  • Wool.
  • Rainbow Shell.
  • Clam.
  • Coral.
  • Wool.
  • Bread.
  • Fried Eggs.
  • Bread.
  • Hops.
  • Wheat.

Other Gift Items that Falls Under the Neutral Category

  • Chanterelle.
  • Morel.
  • Leek.
  • Purple mushroom.
  • Winter root.
  • Dandelion.
  • Daffodil.
  • Common mushroom.
  • Hazelnut.
  • Snow yam.

Items from the both of the list can be acquired by foraging in you farm.

Stardew Valley Alex Dislike Gift Items

Just like some items he loves, there are a few items which he dislikes. So, we don’t suggest you to send him any item from the below-mentioned list, if you are looking to marry him.

  • All Building Material
  • All Bombs.
  • Every Geodes Minerals.
  • Fertilizers
  • Sprinklers.
  • Salmonberry.
  • Wild Horseradish.

Stardew Valley Alex Hate Gift Items

There are several things which a person hates in his life, doesn’t matter if it’s a game character or person in real life. Stardew Valley Alex also hate a few gifts. We don’t encourage you to send these gifts to him. Because by doing so, you will lose 40 friendship points with him and he’ll also ignore you for two or one week.

Though, if you have prepared your mind to send him a gift item which he hates, then you will lose forty friendship points instantly, and a hate dialogue bubble with hate remarks will appear on your device’s screen.

The list of Hate Gift of Alex includes the following items:

  • Holly.
  • Quarts.
  •  Artefact Trove.
  •  Carp.
  •  Copper Ore.
  •  Crab Pot.
  •  Drum Block.
  •  Energy Tonic.
  •  Error Item.
  •  Explosive Ammo.
  •  Flute Block.
  •  Grass Starter.
  •  Green Algae.
  •  Hay.
  •  Iron Ore.
  •  Muscle Remedy.
  •  Oil of Garlic.
  •  Poppy.
  •  Rain Totem.
  •  Red Mushroom.
  •  Sap.
  •  Sea Urchin.
  •  Seafoam Pudding.
  •  Seaweed.
  •  Secret Note.
  •  Slime Egg (any colour).
  •  Snail.
  •  Strange Bun.
  •  Sugar.
  •  Torch.
  •  Treasure Chest.
  •  Void Mayonnaise.
  •  All Warp Totems such as Beach, Desert, Farm, Mountains.
  •  White Algae.

Most of the items mentioned above are useless or just ugly. So, why doesn’t anyone just hate these to receive as a symbol of friendship? If you have any tip or we forgot something to mention in this article, then do contact us, we always love to hear from our readers.


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