GamesHearthstone: Voyage To The Sunken City Decks Release Date and More

Hearthstone: Voyage To The Sunken City Decks Release Date and More

If you’re into card games, you must know about Hearthstone: Voyage To The Sunken City card game. Hearthstone is a digital card game that is available on Microsoft Windows and iOS. The game allows the players to compete, but it’s available in limited geographical regions. Therefore, before downloading it do check if it’s available in your region.

In addition to having a lot of downloads and views, the game is also free to play, but players can purchase more cards with real money if they want. The game starts with two opponents having pre-made decks of cards. After that, the more powerful cards keep adding as rewards. Similarly, players can also customize their cards using real-life money to win and get more rewards. It’s free to play and only needs to be downloaded. Apart from this, the game has a lot of reward prizes, too, like a ticket to the Arena and access to adventure wings.

At the beginning of the game, each player draws thirty cards from their deck, and the player is selected randomly to go first. Players have the option to change any card from their upcoming card. First players always have less chance to win because the second player has a chance to get a card, ‘The Coin’.

Moreover, voyage to the sunken city has introduced new cards to Hearthstone, and players will be able to have 135 new cards with a lot of new mechanics, and that’s a massive update to the game. There’s an addition of a new tribe, the Naga.

Decks of Voyage to the Sunken City

Here is the list of a few decks from the popular players. Additionally, you’ll have interaction with these during the first few days of Voyage to Sunken City.

Decks of Voyage to the Sunken City
Decks of Voyage to the Sunken City

Vicious Syndicate’s Shark Mech Mage:

Vicious Syndicate's Shark Mech Mage
Vicious Syndicate’s Shark Mech Mage
  • Click-Clocker
  • Sir Finley, Sea Guide
  • Amalgam of the Deep
  • Annoy-o-Tron
  • Deeprun Engineer
  • Security Automaton
  • Trench Surveyor
  • Azshara Sweeper
  • Frostweave Dungeoneer

Language Hacker Holy Smite Paladin

Language Hacker Holy Smite Paladin
Language Hacker Holy Smite Paladin
  • Holy Maki Roll
  • Equality
  • Flash of light

Vicious Syndicate’s Kazakusan Druid

Vicious Syndicate's Kazakusan Druid
Vicious Syndicate’s Kazakusan Druid
  • Aquatic Form
  • Innervate
  • Living roots
  • Wrath

Superior David’s Miracle Priest

Superior David's Miracle Priest
Superior David’s Miracle Priest
  • Gift of Naaru
  • Bless
  • Queen’s Guard
  • Radiant Elemental

Old Guardian’s Naga Burn Shaman

Old Guardian's Naga Burn Shaman
Old Guardian’s Naga Burn Shaman
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Novice Zapper
  • Brilliant Macaw

Hearthstone: Voyage To The Sunken City Release Date

It is easy to find a lot of information here about the release of Hearthstone. However, it is releasing at a different time in different areas, so its launch depends on where you live. Below are release dates and times in different time zones.

  • 10 Am Pacific on 12th April
  • 1 Pm Eastern time on 12th April
  • 7 Pm Central Europe on 12th April
  • 2 Am Korean Time on 13th April
  • 3 Am Australian Eastern time on 13th April
  • Brazil 2 Pm
Hearthstone: Voyage To The Sunken City Release Date
Hearthstone: Voyage To The Sunken City Release Date

Core Set Rotation in Hearthstone: Voyage To The Sunken City

Another imp thing that is going to change is core set rotation in Hearthstone: Voyage To The Sunken City. 57 cards out of a total of 72 are going to take their place. It means we are getting 15 cards extra than the previous, and more of them are Legendaries. As you’re well aware in Core class 2021, each class had one legendary card that increased up to two per class. Above all this, we have an extra Neutral Legendary and four Neutral Epics, which is super exciting for Fp2 and new players.

However, we don’t have any cards designed for the Core Set this time in 2022 as we had in 2021. Additionally, all the cards of core sets exist, which isn’t bad, but we hope they’ll add something to spice it up. Moreover, a new keyword/Mechanic Dredge is introduced, similar to Scry from Magic. Instead of looking at your cards from the top, you can look at your deck’s bottom cards and send them to the top. This will help you get the card you need, but there’s something new that can sink cards to the bottom of the deck, opposite to Dredge. Those cards are usually more powerful than average, but you can place them on your top again with the help of Dredge. The new features are exciting, and players can’t wait to play it.

So, gamers, are you as excited for this release as we are? Share your thoughts below.

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