Psychological Horror Game Madison is Ready to Release on 24th June for PC and Consoles

Madison, the crime thriller, a psychological horror game by BLOODIOUS GAMES and Perp Games, finally has a release date. The game Madison is coming out on 24th June for PS4, PC, and next-generation consoles. Furthermore, it will have a digital release, and a particular physical release by the of the ‘Possessed Edition’ that will be releasing across Europe and the US on the same day. The Switch version will follow later in the summer.

Now let’s see what we know so far!

Madison Pricing Information

Madison Pricing Information
Madison Pricing Information

The digital version of MADiSON will cost $29.99, while the Possessed Edition will cost $39.99. In addition to the game will include an artbook, the Possessed Camera DLC (a set of five skins for your camera), and digital content such as ritual cards, the priest tapes, Blue Knees sheet music and wallpapers. Moreover, you can also purchase the Possessed Camera DLC separately if you want.

Madison What is the Game About?

Madison shows you playing as Luca, a girl who wakes up covered in blood in a dark room. You see yourself abducted by someone who was in possession of the eponymous demon MADiSON for a demonic ritual. Trying to determine where you are and how you got there while fending off demonic forces is necessary to survive the ritual.

Madison What is the Game About?
Madison What is the Game About?

A lot like the Fatal Frame series, Luca has an instant camera that you can use to explore your surroundings and solve puzzles and fight ghosts. The game is going to be quite a thrilling one from the insights as far as we know. But how it will actually feel like, we can only tell after trying it out once it releases. 

Madison Trailer Is One Available?

If you still haven’t seen the trailer, check official trailer:

And do let us know how excited you’re for the upcoming game in the comments below!

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