Seven Pirates H Will Launch on 12 May 2022 in Western Countries

The game Seven Pirates H which was originally released in 2016 is now coming to Nintendo Switch soon! Continue reading the article to find out about its pre-order and other packages.

Seven Pirates H Release Date

The Grand Seven Pirates H will come to Nintendo on 12th May! At the fixed price for $39.99 / €39.99 / £34.99 it will come to North America, Asia, and Europe. If you’ll avail the game in the first three weeks then there will be a special 15% discount for you. You can still pre order the game which is available via Play Asia.

Seven Pirates H Release Date
Seven Pirates H Release Date

The standard edition available right now is around $39.99 while the limited edition is around $59.99. Moreover there are only 4,000 available copies of the Limited Editions. Hence you’ll have to hurry up because this edition offers certain extra features as well; Collector’s Box, Manual, Original Soundtrack, Artbook, Sticker set, and Numbered Certificate. These modifications might help you in the more difficult tasks of the game. Hence it is better to avail them while we still have time and sufficient copies available. 

Seven Pirates H Gameplay

It will be one of the chapters from the Genkai Tokki series. The full 3D representation and the voiced characters will make your experience 10x better. You’ll also get to play mini games in order to enhance your female crew. The legendary treasures will be available for exploration but the only key to get them is by going to the island and the surrounding water bodies. 

Seven Pirates H Gameplay
Seven Pirates H Gameplay

The Auto mode and other special features will also make the game a bit easier. You’ll get to know about the complete overview of gameplay of Seven Pirates H Will once the game launches. So, until then stay tuned! The game also has an official dedicated site which has a lot of major details. If you want to know more about the upcoming game don’t forget to give it a read!

The main character will be Parute Kairi and through her you’ll have to find the lost treasures of Monsupi Sea. Along with Parute there will be another character named Otton. As a voyage Parute very bravely sets off on this strenuous mission all alone with her female crew however as they proceed with their quest certain sinister problems start showing up. As Parute and her team go to different areas they’ll also converse with the locals which will have their own interesting tales to tell. Upon investigation you’ll get to know about the stories of the kings who once used to rule these water bodies and lands. But of course these revelations will have consequences! Any guesses? Yes, Parute and her crew will begin to have problems from here. Their team will slowly start to get disunited.


If one asks to summarize the game in just a few words we’ll say that Seven Pirates H is a class RPG game. And the main themes are exploration and discovery. There are a whole new set of controls which you’ll first have to get used to in order to finesse the game. The official trailer for the game is also available on YouTube. So, in case you still haven’t watched it yet make sure to stream it!

These ‘monster girls’ along with Parute are the ones who will help you in defeating enemies who will hinder your quest in finding the lost treasures. There is a specific feature called ‘Booby Training’ which will let you modify the size of monster girls. This will directly have an effect on their functionality, power, attack, and defense. 

For now this is all that we know regarding Seven Pirates H and its release date plus gameplay. For more updates stay tuned!

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