GTA 6 Will Have At Least 4 Cities & It Will Be 500 Hours Long

GTA 6 was announced a few months ago. The fans were looking forward to a sign from Rockstar and finally, there has been an announcement about the same. Now there is currently a big update on GTA 6. 

GTA 6 Will Have At Least 4 Cities & It Will Be 500 Hours Long
GTA 6 Will Have At Least 4 Cities & It Will Be 500 Hours Long

GTA 6 Will 500 Hours Of Content 

Panchter, who has worked as a business analyst and has worked as an insider in the video game industry, in YouTube announced GTA 6. Panchter has announced things that he has heard from the development of GTA 6. The development in the game can be guessed from the fact that Rockstar has been working in GTA 6 since 2015. This basically means that the development time of the game is more than ten years and as a result of that, it has massive content. According to the update available, the game will comprise four cities for sure and this will include a mash-up of San Andreas, Vice City, Liberty City and London. The players will be able to go anywhere and the missions of the game will take the player to these places. In addition to that, it is also confirmed that by the time the game is out, it will have a 400-500 hour game. The amount of hour games that is promised by GTA 6 is massive. It is still not clear whether the game will be featuring more than four cities or not. Nothing is officially confirmed yet but the experience of Panchter ensures that it is true. 

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What Can Players Expect From GTA 6?

What Can Players Expect From GTA 6?
What Can Players Expect From GTA 6?

GTA 6 has been in making for the past ten years and therefore, the players can expect a lot from the game. For a start, the players will be able to roam around free in four cities with the locals. Also, one can expect to have a game hour or 400 to 500 hours which in itself is a considerable achievement. Currently, GTA 5 features less than 100 hours of gameplay. This time duration is of course, for the single-player material and this excludes GTA Online which is a beast in itself. 

The game will be charging $60 and therefore, the players need to have one in a lifetime of online experience. All these fantastic things will be achieved in the game. The official announcement that has been made by Rockstar Games only includes active development for the installment in the Grand Theft Auto and after a decade, there is finally some news about the game. When released, it will be one of the biggest games in the world. The anticipation of the same has been high and it is expected that the game will be able to meet all the expectations of the fans who have been waiting to play GTA 6. 

It needs to be noted that Pachter, even though has long years of experience when it comes to predicting video games, is still not a reliable source because there has been no confirmation about the same in GTA 6. He thinks that a 400-500 hour game sounds like a considerable gaming hour for the game because the players will be charged 60 bucks for the same and therefore, such expectations from the game should not come as a surprise. It is still not clear whether whatever is being claimed by Pachter is right or not. The confirmation of the same can be made once an official announcement is being made about the same. Currently, there is no clue whether the developers and makers of the game will be making any official announcement after these new speculations have started flooding the internet. 

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