Dead Space’ remake to launch in early 2023

Dead Space Remake will see a remake in 2023. The same has been announced by EA. EA has recently announced that it will be remaking this survival horror game and the players will be able to play in 2023. Motive will be developing the game Dead Space Remake. Previously, Motive has developed “Star Wars:  Squadrons”. Previously, Motive has shared a few details of the game in a live stream last year. It is now known that the game will include the actor Hunner Write who will be lending the voice to the protagonist Isaac Clarke. The game will be available on platforms like PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and personal computers. 

Why 2023 For Dead Space Remake?

Why 2023 For Dead Space Remake?
Why 2023 For Dead Space Remake?

The trailer of Dead Space Remake is already out and one might not help but wonder why the game is not releasing this year but in 2023. The reason for the same is being explained by the developers. According to developers, the game will be released in 2023 because the developers wanted to ensure that when the game is released, they want to deliver every ounce of the expectations of the fans. Right now, the development of the game is in a very early stage but it is believed that by early next year, everything will be covered. 

Motive further said that the game is currently a few weeks away from the entire walkthrough the game. However, Dead Space Remake is in the pre-alpha stage. Whatever has been revealed in the trailer of the game has also been able to impress the fans. The developers of the game are trying to use realistic physics. Even the audio of the game is very remarkable. For instance, the way Isaac has delivered the dialogue and how the breathing changed when he experienced fatigue. Another update of the game will be premiering in the upcoming weeks. 

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Live Streaming of Dead Space Remake

The developers have already live streamed the game and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the fans. Roman Campos-Oriola is the creative director of the game. Philippe Ducharme is the senior producer of the game and Olivier Asselin is the Audio Director of Dead Space Remake. According to the makers, the sound architecture will be improved greatly in the real game. It is believed that the sound will be made realistic and immersive. The game will be focusing on heightening the adrenaline, Limbic System Response, intelligent dialogue, vitals and exertions. Currently, the developers are working on how different weapons of Isaac Clarke will sound and how his breathing, heart rate and dialogue should sound to create an aural atmosphere in the game. One full hour-long livestream of the game is available out there. 

The remake of the game was announced in July 2021. While announcing the remake of the movie, the developers announced that the game will be back with improved characters, story and gameplay mechanics. 

On Which Platform the Game Will Be Available?

Dead Space Remake will be available on platforms like:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Windows PC 
  • Xbox Series X

The makers of the game are working to ensure that the game is properly polished and debugged and further, the developers are able to release the game on the date they have in mind. Even though the very particular date is not announced, the makers have preferred to say that the game will be out in the early next year. Currently, the makers are focussing on the A.L.I.V. E system to ensure that the players get to enjoy a perfect experience while playing Dead Space Remake. The game currently looks very promising. 

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