Sea of Thieves Season 6 Adds three new achievements

Sea of Thieves Season Six is finally out and on its bucket are three more additional achievements. The game is appreciated for taking the responsibility to improve the experience of the players by taking in their feedback. From time to time, it has altered the playing style and has further included new content to give the players something fresh. Rare, the developing studio has ensured to improve Sea of Thieves by adding content via in-game seasons. 

Sea Forts Of Sea of Thieves Season Six

Sea Forts Of Sea of Thieves Season Six
Sea Forts Of Sea of Thieves Season Six

The game was officially released on 10th March and according to reports, in Season Six, the players will be able to experience the haunted Sea Forts. The Sea Forts feature of Sea of Thieves Season Six will be helpful for the players who are looking forward to a short encounter.  In the Sea Forts, the player will have to battle their journey through dozens of obstacles to find the luxury key which will provide them access to the loot. 

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Three New Achievements

Three New Achievements Of Sea of Thieves Season Six
Three New Achievements Of Sea of Thieves Season Six

In addition to Sea Forts, Sea of Thieves Season Six adds three new achievements in the game. All the three new achievements of the game revolve around the newly introduced Sea Forts. Further, a replayable Pirate Legend Voyage will also make an appearance in the second half of Season Six. Further, all the players can enjoy another 100 levels which will be available for everyone because it can be accessed for free. 

The game score for What’s Yours Is Mine is 15 and it will open a Sea Fort treasury. The Master Burglar will fetch 20 gamerscore and it helps the player to discover 100 secrets stashed treasures on a Sea Fort. Also, From Whence They Came will fetch the players with 30 gamerscore and for it, one needs to defeat 250 Sea Fort phantoms. One can earn a gamerscore point of 65 by earning these three achievements. 

Also, Sea of Thieves will be pulling out the Arena mode of in the sixth season. Unfortunately, Sea of Thieves will also be removing dozens of Arena-related achievements. 

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Sea of Thieves was released on 10th March and the game will be available on the following platforms: Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam. It will revolve all around the narratives of expanding Sea of Thieves through time-limited adventures. Season Six will be available as free updates for the players playing Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10 PC. 

Sea of Thieves belongs to the action-adventure genre and it supports multiplayer mode. Rare is the developer of the game and Microsoft Studios is the publisher of the game. Gregg Mayles has directed the game and Joe Neate is the producer. Mike Chapman is the designer of the game and Peter Campbell is the programmer of the game. It is written by Chris Allcock and Mike Chapman. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4. The game was first conceptualized first in 2014 and upon its release in 2018, it became a popular game that has won many awards like Gamescom 2016 for Best Xbox One Game and Best Multiplayer Game. In 2018, Sea of Thieves won in the category of Virtual Design in The Independent Game Developers’ Association Awards. In 2021, Sea of Thieves won in the category of Evolving Game in the 17th British Academy Games Awards. It was a highly anticipated game and now with its release, the players can finally enjoy it. 

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