Elden Ring Fia Quest – A Complete Guide for Elden Ring Fia Quest

​​Elden Ring Fia Quest is the hottest topic amongst gamers because everyone is curious to know the steps that need to be taken to complete the Elden Ring Fia Quest in the Lands Between. Elden Ring Fia Quest is no different than any other Souls game. Even in this game, the players need to be very vigilant to ensure that any bosses and dungeons are not distracting them. 

When a player first meets Fia they are confronted with a choice right away and the player is left wondering what they need to do about this first encounter. So, here’s a mini-guide to help you. 

Elden Ring Fia Quest: Guide 

Elden Ring Fia Quest: Guide 
Elden Ring Fia Quest: Guide

1. What to do if Elden Ring Fia holds you?

At the round table, the player will first encounter Fia. When the player first approached Fia, she asked the player to “hold you”. This request looks very odd and in fact, it is very odd but the interesting thing is that it has a catch. If you allow Fia to hold you, you will get a Baldachin’s Blessing item. This consumable will allow the player to temporarily boost Poise. However, there is a trade-off for the same that includes a minor HP debuff. The player can return to her whenever they require more Balducci’s Blessings. If you refuse her to hold you, you will miss on her offers that are given in the form of a blessing. 

2. What is the use of a weathered dagger in Elden Ring Fia Quest?

When you keep talking to Fia in the game, she will give you the weathered dagger with the request that you should hand it back to the original owner. The catch here is that when you go ahead to return the weather dagger to D who is present in the main room and return to the Roundtable Hold, you will find that Fia has murdered D. In this scenario, you need to loot the ball bearing and twinned armour from the corpse of D. 

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How To Complete the Elden Ring Fia Quest?

How To Complete the Elden Ring Fia Quest?
How To Complete the Elden Ring Fia Quest?

The entire game revolves around completing the Elden Ring Fia Quest. Here is how you can complete Fia’s quest in the Elden Ring. Firstly, as discussed, you need to embrace Fia to receive Baldachin’s blessing. The questline cannot be started without that hug. 

Secondly, you need to collect the wethered dagger from Fia and deliver it to D. Then, you need to continue the quest to Deeproot Depths. In the third step, you need to meet Ranni and then further, you need to defeat Starscourge Radahn. At this moment, the quest of Fia and Ranni will intersect, and for both of them, you will need to reach Norkon. 

In the force step, the player needs to receive the Cursemark of Death. For the same, you will have to return the Finger Slayer Blade to Ranni and in return, you will receive the Carian Inverted Statue. The statue can be used to access the Divine Tower of Liurnia, at the top of which you will find the Cursemark of Death key item. 

In the fifth step, you will need to travel to the Darkroot Depth and then in the next step, you need to give Fia the Cursemark of Death. In the final step of the game, the player has to defeat Lichdragon Fortissex and then get the Mending Rune of Death. 

By completing all these processes, you will be able to successfully complete Elden Ring Fia Quest. In the final step, when you receive the Mending Rune, you become free to leave the area. It is an interesting game, which when with the right options can leave the players with a feeling of euphoria. 

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