Star Wars Eclipse

Star Wars Eclipse was first announced in The Game Awards 2021. Even after the announcement, sadly nothing much was known regarding this title of Quantic Dreams. Now according to recent reports, the release date of Star Wars Eclipse is nowhere near. A report from Xfire has stated that the fans should not be expecting the release date of Star Wars Eclipse before 2027. It is speculated that it will be released either in 2027 or 2028. 

The Reason Behind The Delay 

The Reason Behind The Delay 
The Reason Behind The Delay

One might not help but wonder what is the reason behind this massive gap between the announcement of the title and the release date of the same. Sadly, Quantic Dream is having a hard time hiring employees for working on Star Wars Eclipse. As of December 2021, Quantic Dream has more than 60 job openings and since then not many have really applied for these job positions. 

While commenting on the same Jeff Grubb on Twitter said that a toxic environment at the studio might create a problem when one is creating their next game because no one really wants to work with you. This raises the question, how toxic is the work environment of the Quantic Dream? Well, for the start, the studio has faced accusations of sexual harassment. 

According to reports, the working environment of the Quantic Dream is really very toxic. There have been reports that the boss reportedly goes around throwing homophobic slurs and in addition to that, the faces of the coworkers are photoshopped into porn videos. One can say that the studio hardly has any welcoming environment in it. 

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What Is Star Wars Eclipse All About?

Star Wars Eclipse is an action-adventure game that supports multiple playable characters. The set-up of the game is placed in the High Republic era of Star Wars which makes this game pretty interesting because it puts the set-up of the game far away from the well-known Star Wars characters that exist today. We, as big Star Wars fans too, created a new quiz on Star Wars name generator.

There will be a total of six years of gap in between the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse and the release date of the game. This raises the question of why Star Wars Eclipse was teased last year if the release date of the game is nowhere near. According to multiple sources, the game of Star Wars Eclipse was revealed early with the aim to attract new developers for the game. It is believed that for many developers, it is a dream job to work in a Star Wars game. However, the plan failed as Quanti Dream failed to hire any new talent. 

Further, there has been news that the number of hiring positions has increased from 60 to 67 and in addition to that, the company is republishing the old lists to make it appear like a recent list. This is attracting a bad reputation for the company for sure. The toxic work environment of the studio is not only creating problems for the studio in hiring new talent but also, it is going through a tough time retaining its fans. A large group of fans have started campaigning for the cancellation of the game. Right after the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse, the #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse started trending on Twitter. The hashtag was mainly started to push LucasArts to cancel its partnership with Quantic Dream. 

Even though the tease of this game was impressive, it failed to attract new developers. With the new release date around 2027 or 2028, it is still not known whether Star Wars Eclipse will ever make it to its end. It will be interesting to see how Quantic Dream will pull itself out from this hot water. 

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