Valorant Characters: Know the Best Characters and their Abilities

To be an exceptional Valorant player you need to have a thorough knowledge of the valorant characters, their weaknesses and strengths. The following guide will help you in getting to know the characters in detail. So, make sure that you give it a read!

The Valorant characters are quite diversified because the Riots Games have been adding new characters ever since its launch. The collection is so big now that it caters to every style of the different players. But what are Valorant Agents? Just like other characters they also have their origin and background stories and purposes for which they need to fight. And it doesn’t matter which Agent you choose but what matters is your knowledge about the agent. Because if you don’t know your chosen Agent properly then your performance will not be good enough.

1) Killjoy

She can deploy a covert alarm which when near the enemies can burst. It can be recalled. When she throws a Nano Swarm grenade it turns into a covert upon landing. Killjoy is known for putting the enemies under pressure because of the immense control that she has on the strengths of her gadget. Her 180 degree fire arc is one of her best capabilities.

Valorant Character Killjoy
Valorant Character Killjoy

But if you want to maximize the potential of Killjoy then make sure that you make full use of the maps available. These two things combined together will make you unbeatable in the game. And if you use the Alarm Bot in the appropriate location it will help in creating chaos among the enemies hence your job will get much easier.

2) Raze

She is the perfect choice of those players who know how to track enemies and consequently demolish them. One of the most unique abilities is the Blast Pack however many don’t use it to maximize the potential. The best way to use Blast Pack is to use it as a boost.

Valorant Character Raze
Valorant Character Raze

The rockets that Raze shoots can damage anything on which these rockets are aimed at. The Paint Shells are also quite destructive. The Boom Bot will travel in the straight direction bouncing off walls and then will finally explode near the enemies causing maximum damage. However the Rockets are quite loud so make sure you use them when you are aware of where the enemy is. Because the element of Shock can bag you big victories.

3) Yoru

Yoru is known for studying the maps and launching steady attacks on the enemies. Due to Gatecrash he can reach almost any place on the map within a very short time span. And he can even create the illusion of fakesteps which lures the enemy into thinking that he is in a particular place but then he catches the enemy off guard. Due to these stealthy abilities Yoru is one of the best Valorant Agents that you’ll ever come across.

Valorant Character Yoru
Valorant Character Yoru

The best way to make use of Yoru’s Gatecrash ability is to use it in conditions when you feel like winning the Fire fights is impossible. Blindside: the fire grenade fired will bounce back and flash.

4) Breach

He specializes in fighting against enemies who happen to ignore walls. The Aftershock helps in either clearing the corner by removing the enemies or completely eliminating them.

Valorant Character Breach
Valorant Character Breach

However he does not work best as a solo player. It is best that you pair him up with other characters. And when they are all combined they will unleash such attacks which your enemy won’t even be able to fathom.

For now the guide was for the four most popular Valorant Agents. Stay tuned for more such guides!

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