UFC 5 Release Date Will Be in 2022

Does Popular Culture Have More to Bring Forth? Do You Know the Changing Narratives on the Subcultural Ground?

UFC 5 release date! Will this news break in 2022, or will we have to speculate for the year 2023? Let’s trace this paradox down to this floor.

 Since its birth in the 1950s, video game culture has resulted in a subculture to the social culture of the globalized world. Alongside this, the subculture of video games has been a cause of annexing further into popular culture. 

UFC fighting video games, since their production, has been on track with popularity in the famous world. Based on the features of the Ultimate Fighting Champion (mixed martial arts promotion company), the UFC video games have showcased the UFC fighters’ realistic drama to date. EA Sports UFC, the later simulation till the present, has released its four successive series of UFC video games. The UFC 5 release date is now under speculation.

The Subcultured UFC: The UFC 5 release date

Search engines have been surmounted with the news of UFC 5 release date of the EA Sports franchise. However, the franchise has not revealed anything official yet. Meanwhile, the expectations are also soundtracking the EA Sports’ advertisements for an Art director to proceed with the new UFC series. The advertisement post was shared on reddit.com 11th months ago. Here is the website’s link to follow https://i.redd.it/pwa19m1ewi181.jpg.

The Subcultured UFC: The UFC 5 release date
The Subcultured UFC: The UFC 5 release date

UFC 5 release date and Development

It seems sure that the franchise EA Sports will have its 5th UFC developed soon, and UFC 5 release date is this year or the next. The blogging website blog.turtlebeach.com confidently shares this spectrum of certainty under the blog entitled “UFC 5: EA SPORTS RELEASE DATE LEAKS, CONFIRMED NEWS AND UPDATES”. The blog on the site has shared the confidence about the UFC 5 release date while commencing on the franchise’s 2020 vice president Cam Weber’s statement:

UFC 5 release date and Development
UFC 5 release date and Development

“We’re thrilled to extend our more than 10-year partnership with the UFC as we continue to build one of the fastest-growing sports franchises in the world, based on the rapidly expanding sport of MMA,” then executive vice president Cam Weber said at the time. “This agreement will allow us to push the creative boundaries of mixed martial arts video games and connect millions more around the world to the culture of the sport.”

The Changing Narratives: The Subculturing Video Games

In one way, the subculture of video games is on track to change the dynamics of the culture. On the other hand, it permits aggression and other dilemmas on board. Being a writer, it’s my job to provide the news with transparency lurking into the falsity of the simulated truths. This particular concern allows us to share the pros and the cons that are, for the time being, the rapidity of the subculturing video games have to offer.

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The Pros in General and Particular for the UFC 5

Susanna Pollack (the president of the Games for Change forum) and Stanley Pierre-Louis (the president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association ESA), in their collaborated article, share the pros of the video games written for the website weforum.org ( https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/12/video-games-culture-impact-on-society/). 

In their article “Video Games Are Transforming How We Communicate with Each Other, and They Could Fix a Range of Other Global Issues Too,” Susanna and Stanley critically suggest the changing social dynamics in terms of their positive spectrum. The article says,

 “Unlike most other entertainment platforms, video games can connect people of all backgrounds and beliefs. When people engage in the play of any kind, they are asked to take on a perspective that might be unfamiliar to them. Video games now provide the platform for this authentic, collaborative play that broadens perspectives and builds new communities by connecting people who may otherwise have never met.”

The comprehensive analyses present that socializing through the simulated platforms of video games lessens previously inexperienced communication among people worldwide. On the same plane of positivity, I found something exciting and, to a certain extent, helpful. They also present how these video gaming platforms have become the source of raising the echoes of humanity from the experiences that usually get underrepresented. Let’s have a look at it,

“This ability of video games to connect and build community enables them to be a larger force for social good. Lual Mayen, a South Sudanese refugee who grew up in war-torn parts of that country, is now a video game developer and CEO of Junub Games in the US. He uses his life experiences to make games focusing on peace-building and conflict resolution. His latest game is Salaam, where players live the life of a refugee, avoiding bombs, finding water and searching out energy points as they journey from a warzone to a peaceful life. On top of all that, any money players spend in the game benefits actual refugees thanks to Junub’s partnerships with charity organizations.”

I can feel the way this spectrum of the video gaming subculture will amaze you. These are some of the prose I, for the time being, could share here. Also, these pros are what give us a new expectations for video games probably, and one must seek them instead of blindly culturing into the cultural forms.

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The Cons in General and Particular for the UFC 5

Proceeding further, the discourse will be the discourse on the cons that can be detected for video games in general and the UFC 5. Alongside the pros, video games are tangled with the cons.

 Like, when these digital platforms aid in global socializing, it squeezes out real-life dating. Meanwhile, the pleasure of video gaming may provide a sense of extensive to perform complex tasks on digital media. Unfortunately, the potential cannot be transmitted into real life; perhaps, this is one reason it simultaneously takes you to aggression and antisocial disorder.

Mubbashar Raza, a researcher on academia.edu, in his researched article “Influence of Video Games in the Modern World,” establishes his arguments for the cons of video games in the modern world. I want to share his acknowledged critical facts about the negative influences video games have to offer in the contemporary world:

The positive and negative characteristics and effects of video games

are the subjects of scientific study. Results of investigations into links between video

games and addiction! Aggression! Violence! Social development! And a variety of 

stereotyping and sexual morality issues are debated.

He proceeds with the claim while facilitating it with the collective perception of some scientists. Below is a research fact. I want to leave you with the questions that are of serious concern about the subculture of video games and have their echoes in his study:

“… Particular conditions, for example, antisocial personality disorder, may determine those who are most at risk of carrying out violent acts after playing video games. Furthermore, those predisposed to violent behaviour may be at greater risk of being adversely affected by playing violent video games than others.”

Javaria Yousuf Ali
Javaria Yousuf Ali
A Poet, Teacher, Short Story and News Article Writer, also a Literary Critic now, living in Pakistan. I have recently completed a Masters of Arts degree in English. Alongside English as a major discipline, I also had a privilege to study other disciplinary courses, including Mass Communication and International Relations, during B.A (hons) in English. Interestingly, I have been a creative person since my childhood, progressively, now I am a poet (in both Urdu and English languages), and creative and news article writer. All these and most importantly, I am now a literary critic as I recently have done with a research paper entitled as “Nature of Sorrow in Iqbal and Rumi: An Approach Towards Existential Crisis”.

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