SIMULACRA 3 Will Release on October 25!

Neon Doctrine and Kaigan Games have made the release date for SIMULACRA 3 official. The mystery-based horror game will continue terrorizing players with a new story on October 25, 2022. It will be available for download on PC, android and IOS.

So get ready to head back to the haunted town of StoneCreek. This time, you will play the role of an intern working in a newspaper. You will be assigned to work with Ruby Myers on her case revolving around disappearing people. The only lead Ruby Myers and you will have is a phone belonging to one of the missing persons, Paul Castillo. Things are clearly about to get scary as you move ahead in the game, and the mysteries regarding the disappearances of these people unravel.

How will SIMULACRA 3 be different from the first two games?

Although most of the gameplay for SIMULACRA 3 will be the same as its predecessors, Neon Doctrine and Kaigan Games have tried to make it stand out by adding a new feature. This time the game will feature real-time elements with players having to make life-and-death decisions in the spur of the moment. There will be real-time video calls, and players will have to immediately react to them, hoping to save lives with their decision.

How will SIMULACRA 3 be different from the first two games?
How will SIMULACRA 3 be different from the first two games?

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While announcing the release date for SIMULACRA 3, Neon Doctrine also shared a small trailer to show players what they can expect. The trailer is full of mysteries, symbols and horrifying scenes bound to make players excited and impatient for the game.

Check official trailer:

The trailer also confirms that the sequel will feature real-life actors, just like the previous games, to make the game stand out and increase the pressure on players to try and save them. It will also continue to have FMV, so if you are a fan of it, you must try SIMULACRA 3 and other games if you haven’t already.

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Finally, SIMULACRA 3 will be the scariest of the three games, and the level of danger is about to rise. So buckle up and be ready to put your game face on by October 25.

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