GamesStarfield release date, gameplay, and price

Starfield release date, gameplay, and price

Starfield was just here—but now it isn’t. Starfield had to release just one month from today, i.e. 11th November 2022, but it will now release in 2023. Bethesda announced the delay in May 2022 when fans anticipated an announcement regarding the release date, gameplay, and whatnot. One year won’t be a long wait because fans have waited 25 years for Starfield; one year is bearable. 

However, we have the latest details about the gameplay. 

Starfield gameplay

The game is a single-player, space adventure game. Fans are searching for tiny bits and pieces of information to help them know what’s going on inside the minds of Bethesda’s game developers. Here are a few information pieces about the game we’ve collected for you: 

Starfield gameplay
Starfield gameplay

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  • Starfield is going to be huge. It has 1,000 planets. 
  • The characters are not shallow. They have been crafted in a very detailed manner. 
  • Lockpicking is back, and this time it’s back in space too.

We all love customization, don’t we? We like customized cars, notebooks, and even keychains. Bethesda knows it very well–much of the gameplay is highly customizable. Here are a few changes you can make in your game to give it your touch. 

  • You can rank your skills by using them. 
  • You can fly spaceships. 
  • You can customize your spaceships. 
  • You can choose your traits. 
  • You can modify your weapons and conduct research projects. 
  • The best customizable part–you get to build and hire characters to work for you. 

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Starfield Price

The much-anticipated game will be available exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass. You can buy the game for $39.99 to $53.99 only. Bad news for PlayStation fans as Starfield is not available for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo consoles.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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