Toradora Season 2 Release Date or Cancellation Confirmation

Here’s everything you need to know of Toradora Season 2!

Toradora is a Japanese series adapted from light novels. It is a classic rom-com based anime, and its first season was released in 2008 on 1st October.

The story revolves around Taiga and Ryuji. Ryuji is misunderstood as rude due to his serious personality. He has feelings for Minori, a girl from his class. Meanwhile, Minori is best friends with Taiga, who is known to be violent and abrasive. Taiga and Ryuji decide to help one another. They have a bumpy start to their relationship at first, but eventually, they end up falling in love.

Initially, the show did not get the attention it deserved, and the fans thought that season 2 was out of work. However, when Netflix picked the show in 2020, thirteen years after its official release, things changed. Toradora instantly grabbed viewers’ attention, and the demand for Toradora season 2 sparked. Over time the need for anime on Netflix has widely increased. Many other shows released years ago have been renewed, so the idea of season 2 of Toradora after the immense success of its first season is not too far-fetched.

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Toradora Season 2 Cast

As of yet, there is no update on the cast of Toradora season 2. However, the following names were the main characters of season 1 and had a high chance of being present in the second season:

Toradora Season 2 Cast
Toradora Season 2 Cast
  • Junji Majima as Ryuji Takasu
  • Yui Hori Voicing Minori Kushieda
  • Rie Kugimiya voicing Taiga Alaska
  • Jeremy Blum
  • Hirofumi Nojima voicing Yusaku Kitamaru
  • Christine Marie Cab voicing Minori Kushieda
  • Max Epstein
  • Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Janice Kawai
  • Alan Lee
  • Esther Kim
  • Erik Scott Kimerer
  • Cedric Williams
  • Kimlinh Tran
  • Flor San Roman
  • Victor Srogi

Toradora Season 2 Release Date

After the success of season 1 of Toradora on Netflix, we believe the show might be coming back for its second season in mid to late 2022 or early 2023. Although Toradora Season 2’s official release date has not been announced yet, all the loyal fans do not lose hope, and stay tuned for more information regarding the series!

Toradora Season 2 Release Date
Toradora Season 2 Release Date


There has been no official update about the plot of Toradora season 2. However, one can assume that the second season will start from where season 1 ended.

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Season 1 of Toradora ended on a sad note. Even though Taiga is in love with Ryuji, in the end, she decides to leave him without giving him any explanation. Taiga thinks that she needs to work on herself and deal with her problems before becoming a regular part of Ryuji as she realizes that to become a better version of herself, she has to start from the root cause for which she had to leave. This entire situation made things worse for Ryuji, and his past abandonment traumas resurfaced. Even though Ryuji is one of the most warm-hearted boys, his past traumas have made things difficult for him.

So we believe the plot of Toradora season 2 will be about Taiga and Ryuji and whether they will reunite or not. However, it is possible that this might not be the case as there is no official news so far, so we can only speculate till we get an official update. There is a possibility that the new season could focus on a new couple entirely.

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Since the official release date of Toradora season 2 has not been announced, its trailer has not been released either.
Usually, the trailer airs one or two months before the series release. So the chances are that the trailer of season 2 will be out one month before the official release date of the series.


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