The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Release Date and Trailer

Since its arrival on our screens, the new teen comedy-drama streaming television series “The Sex Lives of College Girls” continues to entertain its audiences with its witty yet steamy content to this day. Not only leaving its fans want to have more of Mindy Kaling’s creations but also making them curious to know what is in stock for them in The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2; when will it finally release, who is the cast and are we going to have some new faces, and is the trailer out?

With the immense popularity that the show gathered with its first season, having the whole gang back at the campus was what fans were dying to have their hands on ever since its finale. Seeing the wild campus lives of the four eighteen-year-old girls made the public find their excitement for sudden freedom, both hysterical yet relatable to some extent. Fortunately for us, the wait for its release is not that long, as we are about to have “The Sex Lives Season 2” on our plates sooner than you might have imagined!

Curious to know more about it? Fear not! Below are all the details you need to know about the forthcoming season. So, just keep reading the article to delve deep into the newfound information that we bring you today.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Release Date

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 is set to release on the 17th of November, 2022, on its original streaming platform, HBO Max.

The upcoming season will debut with two episodes, which will be immediately available to fans worldwide, to finally look at the ladies’ second trimester on Thursday.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Release Date
The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Release Date

Afterwards, two more episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays; thus, the said pattern will follow until the second season’s finale on the 15th of December.

Who is Returning as Cast in The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2?

Ever since the fans found out that they will be getting a Season 2 for The Sex Lives of College Girls, they have been curious to know who will be returning as cast members. Clearly, the said show in question could not be complete without our four leading ladies, right? 

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Well, Mindy Kaling knew what the fans were feeling, and thus she was very keen to share some updates on her social media handles (.i.e. Twitter) about the upcoming season; whether it happens to be about her fellow writers or a sneak peek of the table read of Season 2.

The little clip from the table read of the second season more or less gave us a glimpse of the cast members who will be reprising their roles in The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2. 

Who is Returning as Cast in The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2?
Who is Returning as Cast in The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2?

Here are their names and the characters they happen to be portrayed in the new season:

Main Cast Members and Characters:

  • Pauline Chalamet returns to reprise her role as Kimberly – who is a sweet new work-study student from Gilbert, Arizona (a small town that is predominantly white). Though her character seems to struggle in her French Classes, Chalamet has excellent proficiency in French Language and has also portrayed many French-speaking roles in the past.
  • Amrit Kaur is back to reprise her role as a confident and often charismatic Bela – who is an Indian-American student from Nutley, New Jersey and aims to become a comedy writer in the future. What makes her character, Bela, unique in her own way is that she happens to break the Indian stereotype by possessing a positive attitude towards sex and sexuality.
  • Reneé Rapp will be back to play the fashionable and strong Leighton – who is an affluent legacy student from New York City and is also a closeted lesbian.
  • Alyah Chanelle Scott is back again as Whitney – who is a star soccer player from Seattle and is the daughter of a U.S. senator. She is apparently having an affair with her assistant soccer coach.

Supporting Cast Members:

Besides our four main stars, we will also be seeing the returns of other cast members and characters as well:

  • Renika Williams as Willow – one of Whitney’s teammates who is also lesbian.
  • Lolo Spencer as Jocelyn – a body-confident party girl.
  • Mekki Leeper as Eric – an editor and writer for The Catullan
  • Chris Meyer as Canaan – Kimberly’s coworker and a one-night stand.
  • Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as Lila – Kimberly’s coworker

I know what you are thinking: the upcoming season will be great, seeing that most of the cast is returning to the show, isn’t it?

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The Arrival of New Cast Members in Season 2 with Some Old Faces Leaving the Show?

Although many fan-favourite characters are coming back to the show with the arrival of the new year in college, many did not make it to the next year as well.

One of them happens to be Gavin Leatherwood, who played Nico (Leighton’s older brother and Kimberly’s love interest) in the first season:

“There is a Season 2, but I’m not going to go back,” Leatherwood revealed in March 2022.

The charming actor has decided to leave the show to pursue other opportunities and then to become a part of The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2. Saying that:

He was “happy to do the first season,” but now he will be “branching off and going in a different direction.”

However, his leaving did leave off a big spot to be filled by some other as Kimberly’s new lover, perhaps? Yes, you got that quite right! We are having a new addition to the show’s second season.

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The very handsome and muscular Mitchell Slaggert will be taking the role of Kimberly’s French Tutor called, Jackson. 

Up till now, nothing much is known about the new character, but we do know that he is going to woo the hearts of many women with his charismatic personality.

Is the Trailer for Season 2 Out?

Yes, the trailer for The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 was released on the 19th of October, 2022.

Check official Trailer:

So, what are you waiting for, folks? Do not forget to stream the second season once it releases in November! Till then, recap the previous season to get the hang of the story line.

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