Is there a Tell me Lies Season 2 on Hulu?

Are you wondering if there will be Tell me Lies Season 2? We are in the same boat! After all, the first season is ending, and we all want to know what will happen next. Here is what we know about the series Tell Me Lies. 

What is Tell Me Lies Season 2 About?

The show is adapted from a popular book series written by Carola Lovering. The novel first appeared in print in 2018. It was one of the best book series to come out in 2018.

What is Tell Me Lies Season 2 About?
What is Tell Me Lies Season 2 About?

The new drama series will center on Lucy Albright’s and Stephen DeMarco’s long-term relationship. We’re about to delve into the craziness of Lucy, Stephen, and their close-knit group of college friends. It didn’t take long for Tell Me Lies to find its footing and develop into a compelling show. Many viewers probably imagined that the show’s characters and plot developments could occur in real life because of the show’s strong writing and (usually) real events.

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The first season of Tell Me Lies, a dark and twisty drama on Hulu, is coming close. Tell Me Lies has shown six episodes into its first season, and next week, Hulu will begin streaming episode seven. The series finale is rapidly approaching, and viewers can’t wait to discover what happens next in the drama.

Will There Be a Tell Me Lies Season 2?

Season 2 of Tell Me Lies has not yet been confirmed, but that doesn’t mean the show will not be returning. There is a possibility of season 2 happening soon. There’s room for a second season since there is much more to the story. 

Since the series finale isn’t scheduled to run until October 26, 2022, we might have to wait a bit for a second season to be produced. A premature cancellation would be unfortunate, given the show’s potential for greatness in the future.

When can we expect from Tell Me Lies Season 2?

On October 26, 2022, the season 1 finale of Tell Me Lies will air on Hulu. At the moment, no decision has been made regarding the show’s second season. Sadly the delay in season 2’s arrival is inevitable since the first season is yet to end. Perhaps by the close of 2023, we shall see its release.

When can we expect from Tell Me Lies Season 2?
When can we expect from Tell Me Lies Season 2?

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What will be The Plot of Tell Me Lies Season 2?

Since the events of season 1 of Tell Me Lies’ college setting appears to be complete, perhaps the show will shift its focus to 2015 in season 2 and beyond. The nuptials of Bree and Evan could have various effects. As for the majority of the audience, they will be curious as to what precisely happened to Evan. Thus, perhaps this will be the focus of the second season of Tell Me Lies.

Who Will Be in The Cast of Tell Me Lies season 2?

Based on the season one finale, we may expect most of the original cast members to return, even if just in flashback. Here is a list of the cast of season 1 of Tell Me Lies

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  • Grace Van Patten playing the role of Lucy Albright 
  • Jackson White playing the role of Stephen Demaco 
  • Alicia Crowder playing the role of Diana 
  • Catherine Missal playing the role of Bree 
  • Spencer House playing the role of Wrigley 
  • Benjamin Wadsworth playing the role of Drew
  • Edmund Donovan playing the role of Max 
  • Sonia Mena playing the role of Pippa 
  • Natalee Linez playing the role of Lydia Montgomery 
  • Gabriella Pession playing the role of Marianne 

Is The Series Tell Me Lies Based on a Book?

It certainly is! It was inspired by the novel “House of Secrets” by Carola Lovering.


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