EntertainmentLoki Season 2 Release Date and Latest Updates

Loki Season 2 Release Date and Latest Updates

Loki Season 2 is coming to our screens soon, and it will be even more chaotic and dramatic than its predecessor! 

The first season of Loki had a spectacular ending that left its millions of viewers completely stunned! A multiverse war, He Who Remains’ death, Kang The Conqueror taking over the TVA, and Loki getting betrayed by Sylvie (after they share a steaming passionate kiss)- all of this takes place in the 47-minute finale! Thus, it is no surprise that the producers renewed Loki for a second season! After all, the first season was such a massive hit that not producing a second one almost seems like a crime. 

Loki Season 2 is currently in production, and some new unofficial photos from its set have been leaked. You can find out all about these photos, including exclusive details about Loki Season 2 release date and plot, down below. 

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Loki Season 2 Release Date 

The season was officially renewed merely seconds after the first season’s finale. Loki Season 2 would come out in summer 2023. Its production began back in August 2021, as confirmed by Marvel’s Kevin Feige. 

Filming for the upcoming season began in June 2022. One month later, in July 2022, Marvel Studios revealed that it is in production phase. The news was announced at San Diego Comic-Con. 

Loki Season 2 Release Date
Loki Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 will probably come out with new episodes every week. They will air exclusively on Disney+. 

Loki Season 2 Plot

Season 1 finale

Season 1 of Loki featured a sensational plot! He Who Remains, or Kang the Conqueror, offers Loki and Sylvie the position of leading the TVA and maintaining the whole Multiverse. This would protect the Sacred Timeline and prevent the Multiverse from opening and causing the excellent multiverse battle. However, Sylvie decides to kill him in her hunger for vengeance while sending Loki back to the TVA. This causes the timelines to go crazy, and a multiverse war occurs. It ends with a different and more evil variant of Kang winning the battle and conquering all other variants to become the head of the TVA. The agency is decorated with several statues of him as he now controls all of time and reality.

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Moreover, all the other TVA members, including Mobius and Hunter B-15, forgot the truth about the agency. They no longer remember that they were kidnapped and brainwashed by Kang. They also no longer recognize either Loki or his variant Sylvie! 

Season 2 Storyline

The finale has set the stage for a thrilling second season, picking the story up from here. Unfortunately, the producers have not revealed much about Loki Season 2. However, Mbatha-Raw has revealed that her character Ravonna Renslayer will visit some “deeper, darker places” in the upcoming season. Ravonna leaves “in search of free will” to become in charge of the TVA in season 1. Michael Waldron also revealed more details about her role in Season 2.

“She wants to [find] who pulled the wool over her eyes. That’s what she’s going to go out in search of. She is a scary customer to be out there in the Multiverse. So we’ll see what happens,” he says. 

Waldron also added some other plot details saying,

“It felt like we had new emotional ground to cover with Loki. That’s the only way into season 2. We found that. It’s a great continuation of that story that feels different from season one and hopefully will subvert expectations.”

Season 2 Theories

There are a lot of theories about what will happen in the upcoming season 2. Kang and Ravonna might become lovers just like in the comics! Moreover, it is mandatory to defeat Kang. However, the TVA members do not remember their past, and Loki and Sylvie may remind them of it and get their help. Loki Season 2 may also feature some exciting crossovers as the Multiverse is now open! Thus, Loki might partner up with other fan-favorite MCU heroes like Wanda Vision or Doctor Strange! Thus, we may get to see some exciting faces in this alternate timeline. 

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Loki Season 2 Cast

So far, five of the Loki Season 1 cast members are confirmed to appear in season 2. This includes 

Loki Season 2 Cast
Loki Season 2 Cast
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki- The God of Mischief and the ultimate fan-favorite villain. 
  • Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie- A Variant of Loki who has been running from the TVA her whole life. 
  • Eugene Cordero as Casey- a TVA agent. 
  • Owen Wilson as Mobius- A TVA agent, 
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer- A loyal member of the TVA. 

Moreover, Tom also told Jimmy Kimmel that Season 2 would feature the whole cast! Thus, all our favorite characters may come back in the upcoming season. This includes Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15 and Tara Strong as Miss Minutes’ voice. 

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The behind-the-scenes crew will also be slightly different for Loki Season 2. Showrunner Kate Herron won’t be returning.

“I’m really happy to watch it as a fan next season. I just think I’m proud of what we did here, and I’ve given it my all,” she said.

Additionally, Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson will direct season 2. The writer’s team includes Michael Waldron and Eric Martin. 

Is there a Trailer?

Since filming has just begun, there is no trailer or teaser for Loki Season 2. However, some unofficial photos from the set have been floating around the net. This includes pictures of Sylvie and Loki outside McDonald’s. Moreover, we can also see Sylvie wearing the famous fast food chain’s uniform from back in the 70s. What is she doing there? How did she end up in the ’70s? What is Sylvie’s go-to McDonald’s order? The new photos have only teased our curiosities and made us even more impatient to see the new season. 

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The leaked photos also include pictures of Loki and Mobius in tuxedos. The two of them look dashing as they seem to attend a movie premiere.

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