The Outlaws Season 3 – Premiere Date, Trailer Updates

Here’s everything you need to know about The Outlaws Season 3!

The Outlaws is a crime drama, thriller, and comedy series. It was first announced in 2020. The Season 1 of The Outlaws was released in October of 2021. Moreover, it was previously called The Offender. The second season was recently released in June of 2022 on BBC. Moreover, it will soon be available on Amazon Prime Video for a larger audience to enjoy. Even though the second season happened to tie a few loose ends from season 1 of The Outlaws, the season finale left the fans wanting more.

The audience started anticipating the release of The Outlaws Season 3 as soon as they finished watching the second season. Let us fill you in on all the updates regarding the premiere date and trailers of The Outlaws Season 3.

Premiere Date of The Outlaws Season 3

Elgin James and Stephen Merchant created The Outlaws series, and Merchant and John Butler directed it. The creators haven’t announced any release date for Season 3 as of yet. The release of the first season was delayed owing to COVID-19 in 2020. However, it was released in October of 2021. This delay came as a blessing in disguise. This way, both the seasons were filmed simultaneously and released one after the other. Season 2 premiered in June of 2022, leaving fans waiting for The Outlaws Season 3. In a recent interview, producer Stephen Merchant seemed inclined towards making another season:

Premiere Date of The Outlaws Season 3
Premiere Date of The Outlaws Season 3

”It’s all dependent on people higher up with money deciding if we can do it … There definitely feels like there’s more mileage in the characters, which is exciting. Getting the cast together again is going to be pricey!”

Although no official announcement has been made regarding the new season, but this shows that the creators are inclined towards another season. Merchant’s statement has the fans hoping for Season 3. Our fingers are crossed.

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The plot of The Outlaws Season 3

Set in Bristol, the story revolves around seven strangers from different walks of life who come together coincidently to complete a Community Payback sentence. These seven people have to work on the renovation of a building. Moreover, they discover a bag full of money. These seven people are unaware of the real owners of the cash and how dangerous they are.

The plot of The Outlaws Season 3
The plot of The Outlaws Season 3

Although season 2 tied the loose ends from season 1, it still left the fans waiting for Season 3. In season 2, Greg quits his Law Firm and finally goes on a date with his colleague. John decides to seek help for his mental health issues. Furthermore, Lady Gabby tries to overcome her cocaine addiction. The characters have much more to their stories. Moreover, based on Stephen Merchant’s statement, we expect Season 3 will explore new aspects of the characters.

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The TV series has the main cast of 7 actors upon whom the whole story is based on. We expect the original cast to reprise their roles in the Outlaws Season 3. The main cast of the show is following:

  • Christopher Walken plays Frank, Walken is an Academy Award-winner.
  • Stephen Merchant plays the role of Greg. He is a lawyer dealing with his divorce.
  • Darren Boyd plays the role of John. He is a businessman
  • Clare Perkins plays the role of Myrna. She is civil right activists and a campaigner.
  • Eleanor Tomlinson as Gabby
  • Rhianne Barreto plays the character of Rani, she is a gifted student, but at the same time, she is rebellious.
  • Gamba Cole plays the role of Christian. He is a young man. Moreover, he is striving to raise his younger sister.

Trailer of The Outlaws Season 3

The trailer of Season 3 has not been released yet. The fans can re-watch the previous two seasons while waiting for the new season.

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Check Season 1 official Trailer:

Check Season 2 Official Trailer:

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