1000 Lb Sisters Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and production status

1000 Lb Sisters is a reality television series that deals with Amy Slaton-Halterman’s and Tammy Slaton’s personal lives. The show throws light on their journey of weight-loss surgery and weight loss journey. The series premiered in 2020, and it has completed three seasons. Now the fans are wondering whether there will be 1000 Lb Sisters Season 4. If you are wondering whether 1000 Lb Sisters Season 4 is happening or not, we are here to throw light on all the updates of the fourth season of the series. So, let’s start without any further ado. 

1000 Lb Sisters Season 4 Is Happening 

Without beating around the bush, we want to confirm that 1000 Lb Sisters Season 4 is happening. Even though this is not officially confirmed, we know this. Wondering how? If you are following Tammy on her social media, you might see she took a break to focus more on her health. She spent last year in rehab, resulting in a massive success for her weight loss journey. 

1000 Lb Sisters Season 4 Is Happening 
1000 Lb Sisters Season 4 Is Happening

Recently, Tammy took to social media platforms to inform us that 1000 Lb Sisters Season 4 is happening. Her social media account was previously banned, but now she is back. She is highly active. She is engaging with her fans and answering their questions quite a lot. 

In one such question-answer session, she confirmed that the fourth season is on its way. 

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1000 Lb Sisters Season 4 Release Date 

We do not know the exact release date of the fourth season as of now. However, we know that it is happening. The information that we have is that the fourth season began its filming in June. Tammy confirmed the same she is our source. She further added that the fourth season would be out by next year. 

She mentioned that the network does not want to reveal further details about the fourth season. Therefore, we do not have any spoilers about the fourth season. We will update this section with further information once we have the official release date. 

1000 Lb Sisters Season 4 Release Date 
1000 Lb Sisters Season 4 Release Date

The Fourth Season Is Getting Filmed 

From Tammy’s Instagram profile, as well as from a few users of Reddit, we can confirm that the filming of the fourth season has already begun. The fans also say that Tammy was filming for the show while in the hospital. 

Finally, we want to inform all the fans waiting for the fourth season that TLC has not confirmed the fourth season, nor has it given the fans a release date. 

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What To Expect From The Fourth Season?

Amy Slaton, in an interview, said that she would only appear for the fourth season, if TLC cuts down her working hours. It is because she has two babies to care for and wants to spend more time with her baby. We expect that in the upcoming season, we will see more of Tammy, especially her journey in rehab and her surgery. Further, Tam Tam will be living with her sister, so we will surely get to see the sister dynamics in the upcoming season.

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We do not have an officially confirmed release date as of now. But We will update you with the official release date of Season 4 as soon as it is announced. We do not have a trailer yet. We expect a trailer at the later phase of this year if the fourth season releases next year. However, all the information is now speculation even when Tammy has confirmed a fourth season. It is because it is not officially declared now. 

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