The Old Man Season 2 – Renewed or Canceled by FX?

The most recent thriller crime series, The Old Man recently released on FX and has the internet in a frenzy. In a short time, the show has a great fan following. Fans are now inquiring about the status of The Old Man Season 2. The pilot season aired on 16th June 2022 and received praise from critics and audiences alike. To find out more regarding the status of the upcoming season, continue reading the article ahead. 

The series was developed by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine and garnered an 8.5 out of 10 IMDb rating. Further, the show also has an impressive 94% overall rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The series is based on the 2017 novel of the same name, written by Thomas Perry. Viewers can catch the show on FX every Thursday or stream it the following day on Hulu.

The series has been long in the making. After being deep into production, the show shut down owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Later, when filming resumed, Bridges was diagnosed with cancer shortly after. Hence, filming once again halted. Finally, earlier in 2022, the filming resumed and was finally completed. 

The Old Man Season 2 Cast

The creators are yet to reveal the exact cast of The Old Man Season 2. We are hopeful that the same cast returns for the new season. However, a couple more episodes are still left before season 1 ends. Thus, we are unsure if there will be any new additions in these last episodes. For now, we expect the following characters to return for the new season: 

The Old Man Season 2 Cast
The Old Man Season 2 Cast
  • Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase
  • E. J. Bonilla as Raymond Waters
  • John Lithgow as Harold Harper
  • Alia Shawkat as Angela Adams
  • Gbenga Akinnagbe as Julian Carson
  • Amy Brenneman as Zoe McDonald
  • Bill Heck as Young Dan Chase
  • Leem Lubany as Young Abbey Chase

Moreover, as part of the recurring cast members, we expect the following to return:

  • Navid Negahban as Hamzad
  • Kenneth Mitchell as Joe
  • Faran Tahir as Rahmani
  • Pej Vahdat as Young Hamzad
  • Noor Razooky as Young Kaftar

The above cast is likely to return if no character leaves the show or is killed off during the remaining episodes of season 1. Furthermore, new characters may be introduced during season 2 as well. 

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The Old Man Season 2 Status and Release Date

The first season of The Old Man is still ongoing. Nevertheless, the creators have already confirmed the status of a sophomore installment. This owes to the show’s stellar response after just a few episodes. 

The Old Man Season 2 Status and Release Date
The Old Man Season 2 Status and Release Date

Eric Schrier, the President of FX Entertainment, personally confirmed the status of The Old Man Season 2. He stated,

“Jonathan E. Steinberg, Dan Shotz, and Warren Littlefield have done a fantastic job with ‘The Old Man,’ which delivers on the powerful intrigue and breathtaking action of Thomas Perry’s book, The stellar cast led by Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow, Amy Brenneman, and Alia Shawkat are connecting with audiences, and we are excited to get to work on season two with our colleagues at 20th Television and this fantastic team.”

According to the Network, this crime thriller has been the most-watched cable series on FX since January of 2021. The viewership it received surpassed 60 other basic cable and premium television shows. While the series did not break streaming numbers on Hulu, it was still amongst the most-watched FX series on the streaming platform. Nevertheless, these numbers are no surprise to the team who worked long and hard to make the show what it is today.

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Karey Burke, the President of 20th Television, stated,

“This terrific series has had a long journey to the air, which makes the reaction from critics and audiences these past few weeks all the sweeter, … But the truth is, no one who has worked on it these past three years is surprised it’s resonating so deeply. From the brilliant creative execution by Jon, Dan, and Warren to the spectacular star turns from Jeff, John, Amy, and Alia, this heart-racing series delivers, and we thank FX for the incredible support.”

Further, the news regarding the status of The Old Man Season 2 was only recently released. Therefore, we are not sure if filming for the series is currently ongoing or not. Since the filming starts soon, we expect the new installment to drop sometime next year. To be more precise, a summer 2023 release date is highly plausible. Nonetheless, currently, these are all assumptions. We will have to wait till the team releases a statement regarding the upcoming season’s release date.


The basic story of the show follows the life of an ex-CIA operative, Dan Chase. After returning from the agency years ago, he lived off the grid in a small house in Upstate New York. However, after an assassin breaks into his house, Chase ends up killing him. Now with a dead body in his home and people clearly out to get him, Chase has no other choice but to come out of hiding and change his location. The veteran CIA agent must come to terms with his past to ensure his future safety. 

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With Chase back on the grid, Harold Harper, FBI’s Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, is now on the hunt for him. The two share a complicated hence Harper is adamant about bringing the ex-operative into custody. Helping Harper is Angela Adams and Special Agent for the CIA, Raymond Waters. However, catching Chase is no walk in the garden, and the team soon realizes this. As a result, the authorities bring Julian Carson on board in hopes of apprehending Chase. Carson is a highly trained special ops contractor and, therefore, the CIA and FBI’s best shot at catching their “fugitive.”

While on the run, Chase rents a room from Zoe McDonald. On finding out the truth about her tenant, Zoe still chooses to protect him. While helping him out, Zoe realizes the various talents she never knew she had. 

The Old Man Season 2 Potential Plot

Keeping in mind that the first season is yet to fully air, it is difficult to predict the storyline for The Old Man Season 2. However, we expect the sophomore season to pick up from where the current season’s finale leaves off. Set to air on 21st July 2022, the synopsis for season 1’s finale reads, “Chase is forced to face the consequences for his past choices; Harper learns an impossible truth.” Judging by this, some shocking revelations head our way in the season’s finale. 

As the series moves towards the first installment’s finale, we expect significant cliffhangers and subplots to open up. This will ensure that the excitement for season 2 remains active amongst the viewers. We hope season 2 will further develop on these subplots and provide answers to any cliffhangers. Still, predicting any storyline for The Old Man Season 2 is quite tricky at this point. For a better assumption of the upcoming season’s plot, we need to wait until season one concludes. 

The first season has the bar raised immensely. It will be interesting to see how the directors develop an equally intriguing plot for the new installment. We hope season 2 keeps us at the edge of our seats just as much as the current season is.


The second season of this crime thriller is only in its very initial stages of production. Hence, a trailer is still months away. According to general trends, a movie or series trailer is usually released about 3-4 weeks before the official release date. For The Old Man Season 2 trailer, we expect a similar trend. Until then, fans can always watch the first season’s trailer and tune in to the series’ upcoming episodes. 



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