Big Brother 25 Release Date Expectations on CBS

Big Brother 25’s release date is the talk of the town these days, and we have got you covered. Find all there is to know about Big Brother 25 in this article. 

Big Brother is an American-based reality competition show that has been airing since 2000. One can judge that for the show to continue for this long, it must have a lot of views and for sure is in the list of top favorite shows of the people. We are not exaggerating when we say the show has been an immense hit since its debut. We have the CBS network to thank for airing this entertaining show. 

Big Brother is a show about a bunch of American strangers who are left to live in isolation from the world on an island. Every year there is a lot of diversity in the house. All the people from different cultures and ethnicities struggle to get along, and this is what makes the show perfect. It is full of comedy with its humorous games and shockingly word challenges. Big Brother provides a vibrant outlook on life by showing how strangers would work together or make each other’s life miserable for a large sum of money. 

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Since the show’s debut in 2000, Julie Chen Moonves has been hosting it. She has done an outstanding job in hosting, and people would not have anyone else for the role. Now coming to the main question: when will Big Brother 25 be released on CBS? Continue reading to find out! 

When Will CBS Release Big Brother 25?

Well, since the 24th season made its premiere this summer, we know Big Brother 25 will not be coming this year. However, do not lose hope. CBS has announced the official release date for Big Brother 25. The new season will air on 7th May 2023. Each episode will have a duration of sixty minutes and will air every Wednesday. The 25th season will continue to air till June. 

When Will CBS Release Big Brother 25?
When Will CBS Release Big Brother 25?

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Who Will Be The Part Of Big Brother 25 Cast?

So far, we know that the OG Julie Chen Moonves will also be hosting the new season. Whereas about the contestants, we will find out soon. Here is a list of people who were a part of Season 24:

Who Will Be The Part Of Big Brother 25 Cast?
Who Will Be The Part Of Big Brother 25 Cast?
  • Alyssa Snider 
  • Daneil Durston 
  • Ameerah Jones 
  • Joseph Abdin 
  • Indy Santos 
  • Jasmine Davis 
  • Monte Taylor 
  • Taylor Hale 
  • Joe Pooch Pucciarelli 

What Will Be The Plot Of The Upcoming Season?

Like any other season, a bunch of strangers will have to live together in isolation from the world. The same rules will apply. Contestants will have to keep their microphones on at all times, and there are no restrictions on having sexual relations with other contestants. Furthermore, every participant will get a chance to name one player they do not want to remain in the game in a closed room. Additionally rule of elimination of one player every week still applies. 

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