Is The Good Fight Season 7 Renewed or Canceled?

Surpassing everyone’s expectations and receiving widespread critical acclaim, The Good Fight, did a marvelous job in winning its audience favor throughout its six seasons with not only its portrayal of sympathetic yet flawed characters but also delving deep into the issues that were rarely catered to on the big screens (or if they were, they were not doing full justice)! Now, with The Good Fight Season 6 just wrapping up, fans are wondering whether there will be yet The Good Fight Season 7? Or The Good Fight Season 7 is renewed, or is it canceled now? Or the legal drama “The Good Fight” finished for real this time?

Well, fear not! Here is all that you need to know about The Good Fight Season 7 and what is its renewal status.

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Is The Good Fight Season 7 Renewed or Cancelled?

Unfortunately enough, it seems that Paramount Plus is not renewing “The Good Fight” for another season.

Is The Good Fight Season 7 Renewed or Canceled?
Is The Good Fight Season 7 Renewed or Canceled?

As per the showrunners of the show, the husband and wife Robert and Michelle King, ending “The Good Fight” in its sixth season is the right calling as it is time for the long-running legal show to finally conclude at this point:

“We’ve loved fighting The Good Fight these last six seasons. To be able to tell stories about an upside-down world in real time has been a gift. And to have worked with these talented, brilliant, generous actors, writers and crew has been a blessing.”

The married happy couple and the co-showrunners’ joint statement reveal that the show “The Good Fight” has been dropped for good now, and it probably will not return much to fans’ dismay.

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The Good Fight Season 7 is Canceled, but there is a Possibility for Another Spin-Off.

Even though the end of the sixth season signifies the end of the thirteen-year journey of Diane Lockhart to rebuild her life as a lawyer and ultimately forcing the show’s fans to say goodbye to it.

The two showrunners, in their statement, also shed light on the fact that there may or may not be a chance of yet another spin-off:

“Our hope-slash-scheme is to find ways to work with all of [the cast and crew] again in the future.”

Note the emphasis that it is their pre-planned scheme to once again work with all of them in yet another project – which perhaps might be a new spin-off that will be based on secondary characters of the said popular show in question!

I know, I know .. what all of you might be thinking that they might be talking about some other project where they might collaborate again, which does not mean in the same franchise. But let me be clear to all of those who do not know, The Good Fight is actually a spin-off and a standalone sequel to The Good Wife (2017), which was also created by the Kings.

So, it will not come as a surprise if they decide to take the same route that they did before as they have already set their minds on it.

Let’s just hope that it is going to be what we are expecting! Fingers crossed!

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Fans Demand The Good Fight Season 7; Ever-growing Popularity of The Good Fight Season Six and Seven?

Like its predecessors, The Good Fight Season Six not only received immense love and support from the viewers across the globe but also gained many positive responses from various critics.

Owing to its popularity among fans, the latest season is now trending, and fans are dying to have another season on their hands at any cost.

Thus, we know the power of the larger audience; it can make and break the franchise’s plans to meet the ardent fans expectations, and one of those living examples happens to be the famous movie “Pretty in Pink” – where the original ending was changed because the audience did not want the female lead to end up with the friend-zoned best friend “Duckie”, mainly because the said character in question was played by John Cryer who everyone thought to be gay because of his metrosexual personality.

Even the actress, who played the lead female role in Pretty in Pink, deemed John Cryer gay. (We have an article on “Is John Cryer Gay” on our site, check it out to know more about it) Hence, the ending of the film was changed because, in the initial screening of the original ending, fans began booing.

So, with the growing popularity of the sixth and the non-existent The Good Fight Season 7, pressure from fans might force the stewards of the franchise to think twice about their decision regarding the renewal status of the show.

Till then, let’s wait and see what happens!

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What is the show “The Good Fight” about?

The series picks up one year after the events of the last episode of “The Good Wife,” and focuses on the story of Diane Lockhart, whose reputation is ruined because of a financial scam.

Humiliated and robbed off her life savings, she and her goddaughter (young lawyer Maia Rindell) are forced out of Lockhart & Lee and thus join one of Chicago’s pre-eminent law firms to start anew.

What is the show "The Good Fight" about?
What is the show “The Good Fight” about?

For the purpose to rebuild her life, she goes through many hurdles throughout the seasons. Though, as far as season six is concerned, it brings up past trauma, Roe v. Wade, the fight for voting rights, and increasing tension between the United States of America and Russia on her plate.

Entangled between law and political drama to mimic sensitive topics, the show makes many jabs and highlights various internal conflicts that we often ignore.

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Wrap Up:

Featuring Christine Baranski, John Slattery, Sarah Steele, Michael Boatman, Nyambi Nyambi, Charmaine Bingwa, with Audra McDonald and Andre Braugher. All six seasons of “The Good Fight” are now available to stream on the Paramount Plus subscription service.

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