Is Jon Cryer Gay?

When you hear the name of Jonathan Niven Cryer or Jon Cryer, does the word “Duckie” ring a bell? It does, doesn’t it and that too, a nostalgic one if you ask me! Seeing that it is an undeniable fact that he has cemented himself as a great actor in the Entertainment Industry with his mind-blowing acting in the role of Phillip F. “Duckie” Dale in the film, Pretty in Pink. Even though he had many career-defining moments afterwards, his fantastic depiction of the said lovelorn character led to his eventual career breakthrough. Subsequently marking his portrayal of a goofy and eccentric “Duckie” as one of the most beloved and cherished characters, especially among the love-struck teenage girls. However, his unique portrayal did give birth to many rumours as a consequence too. Seeing that the speculation was not only about the character’s sexuality but also about his. To our surprise, people began to ask questions like whether or not Jon Cryer gay.

Curious to know why? Well, here are all the details that you need to know about the enigma behind Jon Cryer gay or not.

Molly Ringland Claims That Jon Cryer Was Secretly Gay?

Do you all remember Molly Ringland? Well, it is our leading lady “Andie Walsh” from the John Hughes-scripted movie, Pretty in Pink. Starring in a striking movie, where you are the center of affection of two pretty boys, does make it seem like a whimsical experience for an actress. However, the main lead in this movie will beg to differ, as she does not think there could ever be a romance between Duckie and Andie. 

Molly Ringland Claims That Jon Cryer Was Secretly Gay?
Molly Ringland Claims That Jon Cryer Was Secretly Gay?

Seeing that:

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  • In an interview in 2012, she happened to suggest that the character of Duckie was probably gay but was not aware of his sexuality in the movie.
  • According to her, his character gave off the vibe that he might bat for the other team because of his eccentric ways and quirky personality.
  • This was basically because Cryer had the said “gay vibe” as well – as the actress later confirms that he was one of those guys who “kind of had the gay vibe but is not gay,” apparently.
  • As a result, this starts a whole debate about whether or not the Jon Cryer Gay.
  • As well as stirring questions regarding the sexuality of Jon Cryer – most people thought that he was gay, thanks to the actress’s claim.

Duckie and Jon Cryer Gay: What Are Their Parallels?

Although the actor who played “Duckie” in the movie has almost always shut down these rumours that his character was never gay and neither was he:

  • The flame ignited by Molly Ringland spread the speculations like hellfire around the internet.
  • With fans analyzing the character and the actor portraying the said role.
  • Thus, eventually concluding that even though the character was not gay, the actor might be gay.

Mainly because 

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  • The assumptions about the character’s sexuality led people to think it may appear that way because it was Cryer playing the role rather than any other male actor.
  • Per fans, his portrayal was the fusion of his and the character’s personality.
  • More or less, he was transferring his gay vibe in his acting.

Considering the main fact that:

  • The character of “Duckie” was reportedly based on one of her best friends (who was not gay).
  • There was no official confirmation about the character being gay.
  • Even the original ending was meant for Andie and Duckie to get together.

While on the other hand, Molly Ringland still believes that the character was gay to this day after being aware of these facts mentioned above:

  • More or less, worsened the rumours about Jon Cryer gay.
  • As the larger public, though, she was hinting toward the actor being secretly gay.

Jon Cryer Addressing his Gay Rumours?

Seeing that the said actor has always been vocal about how he resonates with the character of Duckie. It does not, at the very least, means that he was admitting that he was gay. Instead, Jon Cryer identifies with the “slightly effeminate dorks that are heterosexual,” Like him, Duckie is one of them too.

Jon Cryer Addressing his Gay Rumours?
Jon Cryer Addressing his Gay Rumours?

He highlights in an interview that he “respectfully disagrees” with Ringland’s views about Duckie’s sexuality. 

And to be honest with you all, we agree with him as well:

  • Considering the pivotal factor that there happens to be this weird stigma about men being, as they call it, “effeminate,” or the proper term would be, in that case, metrosexual.
  • Just because a man likes enhancing his appearance through fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, fashionable clothes etc., does not make him gay.
  • There is a striking difference between being homosexual and just having an eccentric personality or just happening to be shy.

We know that we live in a time when ‘toxic masculinity is widely promoted. So, it is unsurprising that anything that does not boast testosterone is considered gay. 

This was why people thought of the actor as gay throughout his life. As he did not follow the toxic norms about masculinity:

  • As his gay rumours began when we have in high school.
  • However, he knew about that but never addressed the issue.

Feeling the need to “stand up” for folks like him, he shares that:

“just cause the gaydar is going off, doesn’t mean your instruments aren’t faulty. I’ve had to live with that, and that’s okay.”

The leading coming from a time where the idea of idolized masculinity was much rooted may prompt her to think that way.

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Jon Cryer Gay: Even His Wife Thought He Was Gay?

The funny thing is that even the actor’s current wife thought that Jon Cryer was gay. As he did not make a move on her for quite some time (six weeks, to be precise):

  • The quirky yet endearing actor attracted her but was a little shy to express himself.
  • Ultimately, Lisa Joyner thinks he will be her new gay best friend.

But finally, the actor got some guts and made a move on her that led to their blossoming relationship.


If it is still not clear, neither Duckie Dale nor Jon Cryer is gay:

  • His sexual orientation is straight/ heterosexual.
  • His happy marriage with his wife and dating history can validate that fact.

He is just a fun-loving, non-toxic and charming male – who is proud to have metrosexual vibes.

I mean, if we consider the incident where Cryer’s mother Gretchen:

  • Got a lot of calls from teenage girls from all over the world.
  • Who left hysterical and giggling messages on the answering machine after the release of Pretty in Pink?
  • It says a lot that many women were pulled towards this goofy Duckie and his charm.
  • Even though he does not appear as a typical male lead.


Aiman Muneer
Aiman Muneer
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