Florence Pugh Announced Breakup With Boyfriend

Even though Florence Pugh and Zach Braff wanted to keep their breakup a private affair, however, it is all over the place now. Recently, in the cover story of Harper’s BAZAAR’s September, the news of the Florence Pugh breakup became public. In the cover story, she revealed that the Florence Pugh breakup occurred before. But she and Braff decided to keep the news under the wrap to prevent commentary from strangers online. The couple decided to keep their separation private because almost everyone had an opinion regarding their relationship. She further revealed that she felt that spilling the beans over the Florence Pugh breakup meant that the world would come and tell the couple how happy everyone was because they were not together. 

Pugh Doesn’t Like Media Attention 

Along with Florence Pugh breakup in the cover story, she also revealed that she does not like the media attention that she receives because of her celebrity status. It is because it interferes with her private life. She does not like the paparazzi capturing her private moments and sometimes even talking about events that are not even real. She thinks that it is an incredibly wrong thing to do. 

Pugh Doesn't Like Media Attention 
Pugh Doesn’t Like Media Attention

While extending her comment, she further elaborated that she was doing her job. She has not signed up for any reality television show. Therefore, there is no requirement to monitor every aspect of life. She does not like it when entertainment journalists end up writing about her personal life. 

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Before the Florence Pugh breakup, she also revealed on social media that people were bullying her as the high age difference. She noted that those comments were abusive and horrid. 

When Exactly Did Florence Pugh’s Breakup happen?

The exact date of the breakup of the couple is still unknown. The couple was first spotted together in April 2019. This year in April, Pugh celebrated their birthday of Braff. She even uploaded pictures from the events on Instagram. Also, Braff celebrated her birthday in January. So, we can speculate that the couple was together till April, and most probably, Florence Pugh’s breakup happened after April.

The couple has an age difference of 21 years, and they were hugely criticized because of it. Pugh is 26 while Braff is 47; however, the couple stayed strong together and defended their relationship. 

When Exactly Did Florence Pugh's Breakup happen?
When Exactly Did Florence Pugh’s Breakup happen?

While commenting on the couple’s criticism, she said that it bugs people that she isn’t like how other people expected her to be. She further defended herself by saying that it is her life and she does not do anything to please other people or present better headlines. She just wants to be a person. 

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Her comments clearly indicated that the bullies managed to touch a nerve of hers, and she is extremely frustrated about it. This is only natural because she is a human being first and then a celebratory. Most celebrities face huge non-financial losses because of the paparazzi’s interference in their personal lives. This should definitely come to an end.

The Reactions Against Florence Pugh Breakup

Pugh’s fear was right; when the internet came to know about the Florence Pugh breakup, the internet truly behaved in a sexist and cruel manner. In fact, just as expected, people rejoiced their breakup. It seems like everyone celebrated the breakup of the duo. This is disheartening and is something that needs to be addressed. It is a tough moment for the couple, and other people. Celebrating a separation simply indicates that we live in a cruel place where love between a couple is seen with raised eyes while the separation is celebrated. 

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Surprisingly, the internet reacted as it did even after Pugh commented. She was expecting a similar reaction to the Florence Pugh breakup, which is hurtful. We indeed are living in a strange place. 

Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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