How Anne Heche Died?

Anne Heche, 53, a prominent Hollywood actress, recently died. Soon after the news of her death, the question “How did Anne Heche Die?” started popping in. To begin with, she died in a car crash that seriously injured her. Her friends and family soon after confirmed her news. In a statement, it was said that she would be greatly missed, but her beautiful sons, amazing work and loving words will live on. Keep reading to learn how Anne Heche Died. 

How did Anne Heche Die?

On August 5, 2022, Anne was involved in a horrific car accident. The accident took place in the neighbourhood of Mar Vista. Her car, a Mini Cooper, running at high speed, crashed into the front yard of an apartment. Due to the accident’s impact, the car and the car soon burst into flames. 

After the crash, she went to the Grossman Burn Center present in West Hills Hospitals of Los Angeles. Heche fainted because of the car crash and faced burn injury. Many fans hoped that she would survive the crash. However, she was brain dead when brought to the hospital. She was in an extremely critical situation.

How did Anne Heche Die?
How did Anne Heche Die?

She was on life support for organ donations. Heche was officially dead when she was brain dead, but her heart kept beating. Later, on August 12, the removal of her life support took place and then, her heart stopped beating too. 

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She Died Because Of An Accident 

The Los Angeles County Department of the Medical Examiner-Coroner announced that the cause of her death was an accident. The accident caused severe anoxic brain injury. In this, the brain is deprived of oxygen, which may be why she was brain dead after the accident. She also suffered from other critical injuries following the car crash. The cause of the death was inhalation and thermal injuries, as per the official announcement. She also suffered from a sternal fracture due to blunt trauma. 

After the accident, a few people said that she was in a stable condition, while the others said otherwise. However, it was soon confirmed that she had fallen into a coma, and her condition became extremely critical. She also suffered from a prominent pulmonary injury. Her burn injury required surgical intervention and mechanical ventilation. However, she never gained consciousness after her accident. 

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She Died On August 12 

Even though she died on August 11, it was announced one day before that she would not wake up. She suffered from severe anoxic brain injury, and her chances of survival were slim. When she was on life support, the doctors were looking out for ways to use her organs. After selecting her organ recipients, the removal of her life support took place on August 14.

More About Anne Heche 

Anne Heche is an award-winning actress. She first made her debut in the year 1987 in Another World, a soap opera. Thanks to her role, she even won a Daytime Emmy. After quitting the show, she began her film career in Hollywood. She was part of prominent films like Wag the Dog and Donnie Brasco. Further, magazines regularly featured her on their cover page. In short, she was a popular celebrity, and her death broke the heart of many.

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She also worked with Harrison Ford in the movie Psycho remake and Six Days Seven Nights. After her death, she received an Honor Walk, a ceremony conducted by the medical staff to show their gratitude to late patients for donating their organs. Post her death, she received praise for her organ donation. She was an inspiration for many upcoming actresses, and even after her death, she inspired many.


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