Anne Heche’s Death Update: Why Anne Heche Declared Dead Twice By Media?

Anne Heche’s death is making news after a fiery car crash. As a result of the car crash, she died because of burns and inhalation injuries. The cause of Anne Heche’s death was an accident. According to reports, Heche, 53, also suffered from a fractured sternum resulting from blunt trauma. A full autopsy result is still not out. On Sunday, her life support was removed at a burnt centre. Let us now dig in to know what caused the accident and its impact. 

How Did The Anne Heche’s Accident Happened? 

The accident that caused Anne Heche’s death occurred when her car smashed into a west Los Angeles home after jumping a curb. The accident happened on 5 August 2022. After the car and the house collided, both burst into flames. However, only Anne Heche suffered an injury in the accident. 

How Did The Anne Heche's Accident Happened? 
How Did The Anne Heche’s Accident Happened?

A statement released by her family and friends indicated that she suffered from severe anoxic brain injury because of a lack of oxygen after the accident. The media reported Anne Heche’s death twice because she was already brain dead after the accident. However, she was on life support for organ donation.

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Later, detectives investigated her death and reported that her blood sample carried narcotics. However, on the other hand, the police simply went ahead to close the investigation with the closing statement that she was brain dead. Her official death date as per the coroner’s office is 11 August. 

Fatal Accident 

The damage caused by the accident forced the firefighters to fight for hours to tackle the rubble-filled shell. It took nearly 60 firefighters to bring the damage under control. David Manpearl, who lives in the nearby area of the accident, said that he assumed that she was dead immediately.

Reports indicate that the actress perhaps was under the influence of cocaine and fentanyl when the accident happened. She was driving a Mini Cooper that slammed against the apartment’s garage. The crash resulted in a devastating scene.

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Due to the presence of cocaine in her blood sample, the police decided not to carry ahead with the case investigation. Previously, before her death, the police did a hit-and-run investigation.

Who Was Anne Heche?

She is a prominent actress who came into the limelight in the late 1980s because of Another World, an NBC soap opera. Soon, she became a famous Hollywood actress in the 1990s. Many popular magazine covers have featured her. She was also a part of big-budget films and featured opposite other popular actors like Harrison Ford and Johnny Depp. 

Anne Heche’s Death Was Announced Twice By Media?

After the accident, she was brain dead and further. She stayed in a coma for a week. The media announced her death twice because she died legally from brain death. Her survival chance was low even though her heart kept beating. However, she was on life support to ensure organ donation. It was one of her wishes to donate her organs.

Anne Heche's Death Was Announced Twice By Media?
Anne Heche’s Death Was Announced Twice By Media?

On 14 August, the life support was removed. Therefore, that day marks her official death date. Hence, the two reporting by the media refer first to her brain-dead situation and secondly, when she was removed from her life support, she was declared dead again. 

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Soon after the official announcement of her death, wishes started pouring in from all across the globe. Her fans, for sure, will deeply miss her. The world will miss her. She was not only a brilliant actress but also a good human being. Her organ donation will ensure that she is still amongst us even after her death. Also, it is important for popular figures to engage in such activities to spread awareness amongst the masses for a good cause. 

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