Jonah Hill will Stop promoting movies to Work on his Mental Health

Thankfully now the film industry is more accepting of mental health issues due to which many celebrities have come forward with their issues. Similarly, Jonah Hill has spoken up about his anxiety issues and how he has suffered for 20 years despite being afraid of making public appearances. He has announced that he won’t be seen promoting any more movies in the future because it is quite mentally taxing for him. To read more about Jonah Hill health continue reading the article! 

Jonah Hill health 

The 38 year old public figure recently came clean about his mental health issues with Deadline. He publicly admitted that he has had anxiety issues for more than 2 decades but he never had the courage to speak on the matter. But he won’t compromise on his mental health anymore. The actor also thanked the fans for being so understanding and supportive all these years. But it is not something that he can continue with any longer. As public appearances make him feel quite stressed and overwhelmed. 

Jonah Hill health 
Jonah Hill health

Another reason why he made his statement public and backed it with proper reasons was to encourage more people to take their mental health seriously. Because there are still people who do not understand the complications that come with anxiety issues. So, he thought that this brave revelation on his part might help others in need. He feels like it will be unfair if he keeps on undermining his issues and goes on to promote movies further.

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In 2021 after a few of his public appearances the star also received criticism because of his weight and looks. He did not shy away from expressing his concerns over this issue. He wrote in a post that whether the intentions behind these comments were good or not he did not feel comfortable reading them. In fact, it made him uneasy and even more anxious. And when you’re in such a condition you can feel trapped. Things became so much worse that he even deleted his Instagram account. He likes to keep other aspects of his life private as well. In fact his girlfriend does not have an active social media presence either. 

His documentary Stutz

His documentary Stutz is about his own mental health issues and the whole journey. It also revolves around his therapist and how he helped him through all of this. The main motive of this documentary is to make people feel represented. There are many unfortunate people in this world who suffer from mental health issues. But don’t have enough resources to keep up with this issue. Hence he is making this documentary in hopes of spreading the knowledge that he currently has about these issues. It also tells how to cope up with problems and develop a healthy relationship with their own self.

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So, one thing is clear that you won’t get to see Jonah Hill in the future. He won’t be there for promotional stuff but of course his acting career will continue. In this hard time it is expected that fans will respect his decision and support him. 

Jonah Hill also acknowledged his privilege for being able to express his feelings. He did not shy away from accepting that he is indeed lucky to be in a position which allows him to make his life better. And he understands that many others don’t share the same situation as him which is indeed drastic. But he hopes that this step will make things easier for not only him but also for people who are suffering in silence. 

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This also gives us a strong message to not mock people based on their looks because we do not know what one is going through behind the lens. So it is best to be aware of our words and use them kindly. So, that was everything about Jonah Hill health. For more updates don’t forget to bookmark this page!


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