Anne Heche’s boyfriend and relationship timeline

Anne Heche was a famous actress who sadly died in a fatal car crash. She crashed into Lynne Mishelle’s home while she was still inside. But thankfully, she did not suffer from any injuries, but her whole house was in terrible condition. On the other hand, Anne Heche sadly did not survive this accident. Due to the outbreak of fire, she got burns. Although she made it to the hospital, she was soon declared brain dead. But has she left any family behind? Has Anne Heche’s boyfriend spoken up on the matter? To read more about this matter, continue reading! 

Who is Anne Heche’s boyfriend? 

Anne Heche has dated men for most of her life. But for a brief moment in her life, she was said to be in a romantic relationship with Ellen Degeneres, whom she dated from 1997 till 2000. She only lived for 53 years but made a lot of headlines. Here is a brief outline of her past relationships. 

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She started dating Steve Martin in 1994. However, at that time, Anne was still very young, and Martin was almost two decades older than her. But they continued dating for four years. At that time, neither of them revealed the reasons behind their breakup. But years later, Anne Heche finally broke her silence. She revealed in an interview that Martin was quite good to her and offered her everything that a woman needs in order to feel loved. But at that time, she had other priorities. So, she couldn’t commit to that kind of relationship at that time. That is why the couple called it quits. 

Who is Anne Heche's boyfriend? 
Who is Anne Heche’s boyfriend?

Then in 1997, Anne started dating Ellen Degeneres. This was also when she came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She became quite vocal about the rights of the community and their hardship. Later, Anne revealed that she was sort of blacklisted after coming out! Which had cost her a lot. She even lost one major deal. And none of the studios called her for a picture for almost a decade. So, this was a hard time in her life. But both of them drifted apart in 2000. They claimed that there were other reasons behind this breakup which they did not want to reveal to the world. 

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Then in 2001, she developed a close relationship with Coleman Coley Laffoon. In the same year, Heche even married him. And he was the only man she married in her entire course of life. But this happy relationship didn’t last long either. The next year in 2002, the couple got blessed with their first child. They did not have an easy relationship. Things became harder in the year 2006. And they finally got their divorce in 2009. It is believed that things went downhill in their relationship after Heche met James Tupper. Laffoon even talked about Anne’s passing away in an Instagram post. It must be hard for him, too, as he remained her husband for quite some time. 

After her divorce from Laffoon, Anne got closer to James Tupper. This was her second long-term relationship. They stayed a couple starting from 2008 till 2018. They shared wonderful memories together, but in 2018 they eventually decided to part ways. Anne never spoke ill of him and has always remembered him in good words. They even had two boys together. So, in total, Anne had three kids. 

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In 2018, Anne dated Liz for a year. After him, she dated Thomas Jane for a year as well. He has also spoken up about the unexpected death of Anne Heche. Other than these official relationships, there were many other rumours as well, but they were all baseless. 

So, that was everything about Anne Heche’s boyfriend and her past relationships. For more such updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 


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