Is Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant?

The Kardashians always make the headlines, and this time is no different. Recent pictures posted by the oldest Kardashian sister make fans wonder, “Is Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant?” Whether it be controversies, divorces, new relationships, or pregnancy rumours, the Kardashians surely know how to keep their fans entertained. Here is everything we know about Kourtney Kardashian’s possible pregnancy. 

Kourtney Mary Kardashian is a television personality and socialite. She rose to fame following her immensely popular reality television series named, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Apart from being a TV personality, the oldest Kardashian sister is also an entrepreneur. She has various clothing and perfume brands of her own. She also owns the website, Poosh, which she established back in 2019. Kourtney often posts the latest lifestyle updates on the site.

Kourtney Sparking Pregnancy Rumors

On June 11th, Kourtney posted some major “travel goals” pictures with her new husband, Travis Baker. The couple can be seen romancing in Milan, Italy. In the photographs, Kourntye dawned a sultry curve-hugging little black dress. Soon after seeing the photos, a large majority of fans started speculating whether the 43-year-old Kardashian sister was expecting. 

Kourtney Sparking Pregnancy Rumors
Kourtney Sparking Pregnancy Rumors

The major culprit that sparked these rumours was the 8th picture in the 10-picture-long post. In said picture, we can see Kourtney standing by a picturesque window in Milan in the same black dress. She also has a black leather coat draped on her side. Fans were quick to point out that the picture seemed to show Kourtney’s baby bump. 

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As soon as the rumours started to die out, Kourtney posted another picture, igniting speculations once again. This time, the mom of 3 downed a gorgeous shiny black coat-gown with elaborate feathered cuffs. Many fans linked her style to Kim Kardashian on the Balenciaga runway. However, seems like fans were quick to notice the elephant in the room (or should we say post). In the high fashion post, Kourtney conveniently poses so that her stomach is not visible to the camera. 

While most other celebrities or public figures may not think too much before posting something, the Kardashians surely do. Nothing the Kardashians do is by mistake or coincidently. Surely, not their Instagram posts. The suspicious pose made fans speculate whether the newlywed couple was, in fact, expecting a baby. 

Following these posts, Kourtney continued to post multiple pictures on her Instagram. What is common in all of them? Well, she conveniently seems to hide her stomach in each one of them. Moreover, in one of her Instagram posts, the Kardashian sister shared a sequence of pictures taken over the past few days. Unsurprisingly, in all of them, she clearly covered up her stomach. 

In another, we see her sitting in her hair and makeup chair with her legs crossed. Conveniently, this poses covered up just enough of her midsection to leave fans in the dark again. 

The Pooch owner also seems to wear an unusual amount of oversized outfits recently. All of these adequately cover up her curves, leaving fans confused even more. In one post, she walks holding hands with her husband, Travis Baker, wearing an oversized hoodie. In another, she lounges in fitted leggings and an oversized t-shirt. However, staying true to the brand, she also posted some risque pictures in a sheer bralette. Although, even in these, her stomach stayed hidden away due to the bathroom counter. 

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The countless recent posts, all conveniently hiding her stomach, further makes fans wonder, “is Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant?” All these dodgy posts surely are not a coincidence. The Kardashians are notorious for hiding their pregnancies in the past as well. The youngest sister Kylie hid both her pregnancies from the public. Nevertheless, the second one, she eventually revealed after fans seemed to connect the dots. With fans almost sure of Kourtney being pregnant, it seems like an announcement may just be around the corner. 

Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Baker’s Relationship and Marriage

The Poosh founder and the Blink-182 drummer started off as simply friends. The two lived in a gated community in Calabasas for ages, where they got well acquainted with each other. The media first linked the two together when Travis’s daughter mentioned that she spent time with the Kardashians back when she was 11. Following this, the two occasionally grabbed dinner together. Nonetheless, it was in 2021 that the two officially announced that they were a couple. Since the announcement, the pair clearly are not able to keep their hands off of each other. While many find it adorable, numerous others find the excessive PDA to be a little cringe. In fact, Kourtney’s own children seem to have had enough of the PDA.

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Regardless of what viewers may say, the two were madly in love. Soon after, in 2022, the couple tied the knot in not one or two but three wedding ceremonies. This preceded a grand proposal by the drummer in October 2021. By the looks of the proposal, it seemed that the wedding would be just as grand. However, fans were once again shocked when the pair tied the knot in a small ceremony in Vegas after the Grammys. Just a few months later, the couple once again tied the knot in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. Seems like the Kardashians chose to take the simplistic route this time around.

Kourtney Kardashian Children

Prior to Travis, Kourtney shared a long, complicated relationship with Scott Disick. The two have three children together, two boys and one girl. The oldest son is Mason Dash Disick (12 years old), followed by daughter Penelope Scotland Disick (10 years old), and finally, son Reign Aston Disick (7 years old). 

Kourtney Kardashian Children
Kourtney Kardashian Children

Furthermore, Kourtney is now also the stepmother to Travis Baker’s children, Landon Asher Baker and Alabama Luella Baker. 

Kourtney and Travis Talking About Babies

The two are quite open about their desire to have children together. Moreover, in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Hulu, we see Kourt talk about her struggles with IVF. She talks about how she is under strict treatments to increase fertility. She also adds how these procedures are messing up with the internal workings of her body. 

The pair are yet to confirm if they are expecting or not. Nevertheless, they did let their fans know that they are trying to have a baby together. Could this be it? Did their efforts finally succeed? Seems like we would have to wait till one of them officially makes the announcement regarding this. 



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