Is Zendaya pregnant?

When you’re a famous Hollywood star, the rumours become an everyday chore for you. But not when you’re Zendaya, who knows how to shut the trolls and those who make baseless rumours about her. Another viral Tik Tok Trend spoke on the private life of Zendaya, and she did not take it lightly. Well, her relationship with Tom Holland has always been the talk of the town. Even before they were a couple, the fans suspected their close friendship. So, we understand her frustration. Now the question arises Zendaya pregnant with Tom Holland’s child?

Zendaya, on being pregnant

The 25-year-old star has confirmed that she is not pregnant with anyone’s child. She did not hold her back from taking out her anger. In her words, this baseless rumour is why she stays away from Twitter. Her official statement seemed quite upset as she is tired of someone making false news about her personal life now and then. And we understand where her anger stems from. 

Zendaya, on being pregnant
Zendaya, on being pregnant

A fake picture went viral on Twitter with some made-up news about the star. The picture was a fake post of Zendaya posting her ultrasound picture, thus confirming her pregnancy. However, this was nothing but a hoax. Although the picture was a prank because it was followed by ‘Krissed,’ the actor still seemed upset about it. Well, after her reaction, the original post has been taken down. But it still does not undo the harm that it caused Zendaya. Of course, the fans did not understand the picture’s context and were too quick to thank the star on this new beautiful journey. And this is how this fake news is all over the internet. 

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Are Tom Holland and Zendaya still together?

Yes! Tom Holland and Zendaya are still going strong despite the numerous rumours about their relationship. Another rumour regarding their breakup sprung up, but neither acknowledged it, which scared the fans. However, it is nothing to worry about as it is a normal reaction to ignore these rumours. 

Holland is quite a supportive boyfriend who has repeatedly professed his love for Zendaya. Their sizzling chemistry in all Spiderman NWH interviews proved enough that they are indeed soulmates. Also, in December 2021, Holland gave an interview in which he spoke about several things.

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He stressed the fact that someday in the future, he would love to be a dad as he loves kids. His relationship with kids is truly adorable. He added to this stance that he is considering taking a break from acting because the actor has worked quite hard for a couple of years. And Holland deserves this hiatus as he’s been working tirelessly for several years. Just like Zendaya, he also started his journey as a child actor. But going on a hiatus at the peak of his career can be a daring decision. He is also hopeful that he’ll someday start his family in the new future. And we would love to see Zendaya and Holland cementing their relationship further. But for now, it is best not to give the baseless rumours any attention.

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya still together?
Are Tom Holland and Zendaya still together?

Holland and Zendaya were first spotted together in 2016 for the Spiderman movie. Even then, numerous people suspected their relationship because of how close they seemed. But they quickly made it clear that they were nothing more than just friends. The duo went on multiple vacations together as well. But a few years later, Zendaya and Holland dated their co-stars, so the rumours died for a while. Until 2021 when they were first captured kissing in the car. This was when they made their relationship official. Since then, they have been quite vocal about their feelings for each other. The NWH interviews make it quite clear how much they are in love. And we wish nothing but happiness for the couple. 

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So, in conclusion, the statement ‘Zendaya pregnant with Tom Holland’s child’ is fake news! It did hurt the actress, so the fans shouldn’t blow stuff out of proportion. For more updates, stay tuned! 


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