Snoop Dogg Announced New Business breakfast cereal “Snoop Loopz”

Snoop Dogg is known for a number of reasons in the industry aside from his music career. His latest collaboration with BTS is also making waves. And recently announced his new business venture with the name of ‘Snoop Loopz,’ which is a ‘Snoop Dogg Breakfast Cereal.’ But has it already launched? Or is the star just working on its publicity right now? To find out, continue reading the article! He already has wine and other weed products, so Snoops Loopz is not a new product that he’ll soon be launching. It looks like this part of his business is booming because of the rate at which he’s introducing new products. There is even a publicity website for the cereal; hence we know a great deal about it! 

The official announcement for the product came via Master P on 13th August 2022. The product design was also revealed to the public. The box is quite a colourful one with a blue bunny and cereal rings floating around him. 

Snoop Dogg breakfast cereal – What is ‘Snoop Loopz’?

It is no doubt that apart from being a world-class musician, his other ‘side’ businesses are also in full swing. One can easily call him an all-rounder! He owns the Broadus Foods Company and is planning on launching the latest cereal with Master P, who is a rapper friend of his. In fact, the upcoming cereal is also made in collaboration with him. Master P also has prior experience in the production of food staples. This cereal will be available throughout the country. But for other countries, you’ll have to check. 

Snoop Dogg breakfast cereal - What is ‘Snoop Loopz’?
Snoop Dogg breakfast cereal – What is ‘Snoop Loopz’?

For the sake of advertisement, Master P took the matter to his Twitter account to get a message across to the fans. He has claimed Snoop Loopz to be gluten-free. Its specialties include that it has more corn and marshmallows, which make it divine in taste. The key ingredients for any healthy cereal are Vitamin D and fibre. Well, the intake of these nutrients is crucial for a healthy body. And this is why Snoop Loopz is the best choice for cereal because it contains a rich portion of both Vitamin D and fibre.

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So, daily usage of Snoop Loopz will keep you well and fit! Other than this, as it comes from a well-respected brand ‘Broadus Foods Company,’ one does not have to worry about its genuinity. Of course, it went through several checks before it could make its way to the racks in the supermarket. And in the past as well, the company has never let its customers down. So, you can surely trust them! 

Why purchase Snoop Loopz?

We have already mentioned its best quality which is the generous portion of nutrients, but why else should you choose a new brand? Well, that is because you won’t only do your body a favour, but you’ll also help out others in need. How? Because the official website for the cereal has confirmed that some portion of the profit will also go to ‘Door of Hope,’ which is a charity association that helps out people in need. So, this small decision of yours can improve the lives of many. Snoop Dogg surely has a heart of gold! 

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The website has summarized the actual motive of this association in good terms. It mainly targets the issue of homelessness. From their point of view, this problem can not only be solved by providing shelter or food resources. But hope also plays an important factor. And this is the approach of Door of Hope. They are bringing the homeless families together for a better and well-protected future. And reminding them of how capable they are. Only Snoop Loopz does not benefit from the fund alone. In fact, if you purchase any Broadus Foods Product, it will assist the fund in some way or the other! So, every now and then, if you buy their product, you’ll be helping the ones in great need. 

Well, that was everything about Snoop Dog breakfast cereal ‘Snoop Loopz,’ which does not have a release date so far. But it will soon be making its way to the supermarkets as per the official Twitter announcement. Master P is equally as excited as Snoop Dogg for the launch of this new cereal because he has been advocating for the product on all his social media accounts. In order to stay updated, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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