Kevin Harvick wins NASCAR Cup race 60th Time!

The thriving car racer, Kevin Michael Harvick, has proved himself as the most established, consistently dominant and fast driver over the years. Seeing that with the passage of time, he has gained prominence with his outstanding performances in the NASCAR Cup series. And surprisingly enough, he is still, to this day, going very strong. Considering the main fact that he just recently bagged another achievement for himself. Yes, you have guessed it quite right. I am talking about Kevin Harvick wins in the latest NASCAR Cup series!

It has not been the first time that the racer has earned an achievement. Considering that, over the 775 races in which he participated, he has amassed:

  • One Championship
  • 58 wins
  • 241 top-five finishes,
  • 424 top-10 finishes. 

However, it did not seem quite right for the oldest full-time driver in the Cup Series since the fall of Bristol in 2020. The soon-to-be forty-seven-year-old racer did not see a win from then on. But unfortunately enough, we never saw him give up or lose hope. Instead, he was always trying to give his best and would be up and running to have a comeback every time. Little did Kevin Harvick know that things would change one day or another as he finally won his 60th NASCAR race.

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Here are all the details that you need to know about Kevin Harvick wins!

Kevin Harvick’s Back-to-Back Loss?

Even though the sportsman’s track record over the years has been absolutely amazing, he has polished himself enough to be known as one of the best car racers in the world. It is still an undeniable fact that he has not won a single race in his last sixty-four races. Seeing that he won a series-high nine races in 2020, it is crystal clear that 2021 was not a great year for him. 

Kevin Harvick's Back-to-Back Loss?
Kevin Harvick’s Back-to-Back Loss?

Unfortunately enough, he appeared to win less in the year 2021. As he surprisingly led only a handful of 200 laps all season, having a total of 1,416. Which, if you ask me, is quite low as compared to his performance in the year 2020:

  • Considering that he had more laps in winning at Bristol 2020 than he had in 29 starts in the year 2021.
  • Harvick is also a cinch Hall of Famer who has at least one victory in 17 of his 21 Cup seasons.
  • So, his performance last year was not flawless and was a little disappointing.

He once even blamed a fellow racer, Chase Elliott, for his loss. Claiming that he helped his teammate Kyle Larson to win. Subsequently, taking the victory from Harvick in Saturday night’s NASCAR Playoff race at Bristol Motor Speedway

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Harvick, who came second in that race, shared his thoughts on the incident.

“Just chickenshit, I mean, what else do you say? Throw a temper tantrum like you’re 2-years-old because you got passed for the lead and got a flat tire. We barely even rubbed. It’s all Chase’s way, or it’s no way; if he doesn’t get his way, then he throws a fit. I told him I wanted to rip his freaking head off”.

Even though there may be a chance that it could have been a probability, it does not mean that his performance has nothing to do with it. 

There was room for improvement, and he evidently knew that.

Kevin Harvick’s Views on His Continuous Loss?

What makes us even more proud of our sportsman is his power to never give up. He never let his loss overpower him, and nor does he delve into them more than he needs. Instead, he sets them as an example and learns from that. 

Kevin Harvick's Views on His Continuous Loss?
Kevin Harvick’s Views on His Continuous Loss?

All and all, he has a positive attitude and a motivated spirit that does not give up at any time.

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He once shared in an interview with Beyond the Flag that he aims to make a comeback with a changed “mental capacity” and will not let minute things bother him:

“I don’t really think about last week, let alone last year. For me, it’s a single-handed, one-week approach to what you’re focused on and what you think about. I don’t have the mental capacity to think about what might’ve happened last week, let alone what might’ve happened last year”.

Well, he did not lie when he said that, and we can clearly see that! Even though the interview is not that recent, it is evident that he knows what is best for him. 

Thus, if the best thing to do is to bring a different perspective to the track, then so be it.

Kevin Harvick Wins NASCAR Cup Race?!

Kevin Harvick Wins NASCAR Cup Race. Someone really has said it right that ‘it is never late than ever, and Harvick has proved it himself. He broke a two-season-long losing streak a week ago and earned his first dramatic win in the NASCAR Cup Series in 65 races. 

He swiftly passed Joey Logano and won his second straight victory, winning the Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond Raceway Sunday afternoon in Richmond, Va.

  • This is his 60th victory in the NASCAR Cup Race series.
  • His win has subsequently tied him with Kyle Busch for ninth all-time in the series.

Moreover, the racer also has a very great bond with NASCAR as he has been a part of it for a long, long time. It has, more or less, become his second family, and we can see it from his own words. He once shared a statement on the Hendrick Motorsports tragedy in Kernersville, N.C. (October 25, 2004) that:

“One thing that makes the sport of NASCAR so great is its sense of family. Despite the fact that there are many different organizations, teams, drivers, and sponsors, we operate like one big community. This is never more evident than when tragedy strikes”.

Well, this discernably indicates to us that this win would probably mean a lot to Kevin Harvick.

Aiman Muneer
Aiman Muneer
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