Tom Holland’s Mental Health Is Deteriorating: What Happened?

Who in this world does not know about our very own Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man AKa Tom Holland? I mean if a person does not know about the said actor then they would probably be living under a rock as it is almost impossible that no one has ever heard about him. Seeing that he has become a global phenomenon through his role as one of our beloved superheroes growing up. Besides that, it is an undeniable fact that the twenty-six-year-old actor has swooped our hearts out with his amazing acting as Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man series as well as other MCU Avengers movies. However, fans are more or less worried about Tom Holland’s mental health.

With his quirky and charming personality, he has brought a new and fresh touch to his version of Spider-Man. Which, more or less, has increased his fanbase over the years. Not only that, but he also became the center of everyone’s attention with the immense amount of fame and attention that subsequently came to him with this role. As everyone wants to know more about what is going on in his life, what his activities are, and want to know all the juicy details about his love life etc. Discernibly, as a famous celebrity, you just end up with no privacy in the end. Which, if you ask me, is quite sad. Seeing that these people are still ‘human’ who apparently has different job. More or less, fame does have its consequences, and one of them can be a lack of mental peace. The young actor’s situation is the same as well as we see Tom Holland get candid about his mental health. 

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Do not worry. Here are all the details that you need to know about him and his mental health.

What Do You Need To Know About Tom Holland?

Before delving into mental health, it is necessary that we should know a little bit about him to understand how he came to the place that he is in today.

What Do You Need To Know About Tom Holland?
What Do You Need To Know About Tom Holland?

His Creative Inspiration:

  • Tom Holland or Thomas Stanley Holland is a British actor.
  • His mother, Nicola Holland, is a photographer and his father, Dominic Holland, are a comedian and author.
  • His parents’ creative professions almost always had a great impact on him, and he himself has shared many times that they inspire him. 
  • His father especially plays a great role in his life. Seeing that the actor has once shared that his dad is his role model. Thus, he aspires to be like him.
  • So, it was not a surprise that his parents did influence him to ultimately test different waters, prompting him to explore numerous career options.
  • He was interested in dancing – as he used to dance to Janet Jackson’s songs as a kid which subsequently compelled his mother to sign him up for dancing classes.
  • He took carpentry lessons in a school in Cardiff, Wales.
  • Moreover, he was also interested in becoming a primary school teacher because he loves kids. 

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Early Work:

  • Thanks to his dancing classes he got cast for Billy Elliot – The Musical. Making his official theatre debut in the West End’s Victoria Palace Theatre in June 2008.
  • He also did the voiceover for the British dubbing of the Japanese animated fantasy film Arrietty (2011)
  • Besides that, he finally transitioned from theatre to screen and got to work in the film, The Impossible in 2004. 
  • He was also featured in the film, How I Live Now (2013).
  • Moreover, he also did a voiceover for a supporting role in the drama film Locke (2013).
  • Besides that, he also made a cameo appearance in Billy Elliot – The Musical Live in 2014.

Career Breakthrough:

Tom Holland starred as two historical figures in the year of 2015: 

  • He portrayed Gregory Cromwell (appeared in the four episodes) in the BBC’s Wolf Hall.
  • As well as portrayed Thomass Nickerson in the film In the Heart of the Sea when he was a teenager.

Moreover, his biggest break comes in the form of his signing a six-picture deal with the Marvel Studio to play young Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

  • It seemed like destiny when Tom Holland was cast in the said role as he was already a huge Spider-Man fan.
  • Seeing that he had 30 costumes and bed sheet covers of the said character in question.

How Did Tom Holland Got The Role For MCU’s Spider-Man?

  • Did you know that Tom Holland got the role out of 1500 teenagers?
  • Mainly because the producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal were fans of his amazing performances in The Impossible, Wolf Hall, and In the Heart of the Sea.
  • While on the other hand, the Russo brothers highlighted Holland’s dancing as well as gymnastics background, which made him perfect for the role.
  • Even Spider-Man’s creator, Stan Lee, shared his approval on the casting and said that the actor was the “exact age and height” as how he imagined the character.

His other works include:

  • Edge of Winter.
  • The Hollywood Reporter
  • The Lost City of Z
  • The Current War

Awards and Achievements:

He received many accolades over the years. Some of them are:

  • An entry on the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest actor to play a title role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • He received the third consecutive Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor.
  • He made an appearance on Europe’s Forbes 30 under 30 list 
  • He also earned a British Academy Film award.

Tom Holland’s Mental Health: Negative Effect Of Social Media?

Even though we are living in an advanced world where everything is right under our fingertips because of electronic devices and of course media, it is an undeniable fact that it has also had very negative effects. Considering the integral fact that the said advancement has made it quite easy for everyone in the world to say whatever they want about the other person even if they know little to nothing about the said person in question.

Tom Holland's Mental Health: Negative Effect Of Social Media?
Tom Holland’s Mental Health: Negative Effect Of Social Media?

Surprisingly enough, it is not even something new for people like us. Seeing that we are born in a technologically induced world, we have already seen many such scenarios. For instance: cancel culture, hate comments, fake news leaked photoshop photos and whatnot. This toxic practice has almost become very common, which is not right in any sense as this so-called toxicity should not be normalized at any cost! But apparently, no one does anything about it.

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After being inactive for so long, Tom Holland returned to Instagram for a brief moment. The purpose of the return was to share his thoughts about how social media is affecting his mental health badly. He finds it “very detrimental” to his mental health as he gets “caught up” and “spirals” when he reads things about him circulating on the internet.

Tom Holland’s Mental Health: He Is Taking a Break?

During his said Instagram live, Tom Holland told his 67.7 Million followers that he was going to take a break from social media. Mainly for his mental health and inner peace. Seeing things that he finds online about himself is really messing him up. Moreover, he is not able to cope with this constant pressure. 

He further elaborated that he finds apps like Instagram and Twitter quite “overstimulating” and “overwhelming” to the point that he thinks it is better to finally “take a step back and delete the app.”

No wonder he was inactive from social media for so long. Clearly, it has affected him negatively and was deteriorating his mental health.

Tom Holland’s Mental Health: Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help!

Tom Holland further sheds light on his brief Instagram live that one should not be afraid to ask for help if they are suffering from the inside. And by doing so, he subsequently draws attention to the organization called Stem4 – a “wonderfully innovative education program” that endeavors to help “young kids who are suffering” with their mental health by means of numerous apps.

Tom Holland's Mental Health: Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help!
Tom Holland’s Mental Health: Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help!

He further elaborates that we should not hesitate to tell people that we are not mentally well. Considering the fact that there is clearly nothing to be ashamed of if you ask for help and we should get rid of this “awful stigma against mental health.” 

However, he does agree that it is easier said than done. Thus, he adds that “hopefully these apps can be your first step towards being happier and healthier,” as it has helped him too. 

As he wants his fans to be both physically as well as mentally healthy. On that note, he then ended the life, while saying that he would be disappearing from Instagram from now on.

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