So Help Me Todd Season 2 Release Date and Cast Expectations

Did you just binge-watch the first season of So Help Me Todd and are now wondering when will so help Me Todd Season 2 release? Well, hang in there; we have got your back! Here is everything you need to know about So Help Me Todd. 

About The Series, So Help Me Todd

So, help me Todd is a comedy-based series. The story is about Margaret Wright, a clever and successful attorney. However, she might have excelled in her life, but in her personal life, not so much. You would think a successful career-oriented woman must have children following in her footsteps. However, the apple fell far from the tree. Her son Todd is a private investigator and the family’s misfit. He grudgingly agrees to serve as the in-house investigator for his controlling mother’s legal practice. The duo is constantly at each other’s throats on the show, but they also learn how to cooperate and solve crimes.

The drama series includes a lot of excellent actors and actresses who have done a great job of bringing this program to life. In addition to telling a unique story guaranteed to intrigue viewers, this series will surely keep you entertained. 

About The Series, So Help Me Todd
About The Series, So Help Me Todd

Renewal Status

So far, there are no official updates on the renewal status of the So help Me Todd Season 2

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Release Date

Since the renewal has not been confirmed for season 2, a release date has not been set. The first season of the movie received negative reviews from reviewers, which may impact the project management’s choice to begin writing fresh episodes. Even if there is going to be So Help Me Todd season 2, its debut will only happen in the fall of 2023, assuming that filming for it does start.

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Expected Cast of So Help Me Todd Season 2

Marcia Gay Harden, an Oscar winner, and Skylar Astin, who played the lead mother-son duo, are the stars of So Help Me, Todd, so we will get to see them for sure in the next season as well.

Margaret Wright, a meticulous attorney, is portrayed by Harden. In an effort to better his life, Margaret recruits her renegade son when he appears out of sorts. Austin plays the role of Todd. 

Expected Cast of So Help Me Todd Season 2
Expected Cast of So Help Me Todd Season 2

Other members who we think will appear in So help Me Todd Season 2 are:

  • Madeline Wise playing the role of Allison
  •  Inga Schlingmann playing the role of Susan 
  • Rosa Arredondo playing the role of Margaret’s “Girl Friday” Francey, 
  • Tristen J. Winger playing the role of Lyle,
  • Thomas Cadrot 
  • Mark Moses
  • Andrea Brooks
  • Clayton James 
  • Manny Hernández 
  • Anthony Scardera 

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When did the first season of So Help Me, Todd, come out?

Season 1’s release date is September 29th, 2022. 

Who plays the role of mom in So Help Me Todd?

Marcia Gay Harden plays the role of Todd’s mom. 

How many episodes are there of So Help Me Todd?

So far, 7 episodes, and episode 8 will be released on December 8th.

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