A Public Document Confirmed Tekken 8 2023 Release Date

Tekken 8 2023, a probability that will mark another move in the conflicting story of the Mishima Family.

The bright side of the November news for the Tekken players is that the series will be returning with Tekken 8, probably in 2023. Bandai Namco, in a public document sharing the plans about the new projects, confirmed the probability of Tekken 8 release for the next year, as per Reddit. Previously in our October updates, we shared the news about Tekken 8 production, which was confirmed by the Director Katsuhiro Harada:

“We have kept you waiting for a long time, but we are finally able to announce that Tekken 8 is in production.”

So say, after a long time, the franchise is finally heading towards a new possibility, the Tekken 8. 

This is not the end; we have some more news about the new release Tekken 8. So keep reading.

Is Tekken 8 Coming Out in 2023?

Probably yes, as there is no rumor left around. As has been said above, Tekken 8 has been confirmed as a new release, possibly for the year 2023. Initially, the official news about Tekken 8 was first announced at Sony’s State of Play presentation on September 13, 2022. Also, previously, we noted that Harada excitedly provided the news related to the Tekken 8 progress in his blog on Playstation.Blog. In that first announcement, he briefed about the new updates, specifically related to the “content quality” that was presented on Playstation 5.

Is Tekken 8 Coming Out in 2023?
Is Tekken 8 Coming Out in 2023?

Harada’s Briefing About 2023 Tekken 8 Content Quality

Today, the modern world and its changing perspectives have brought the necessity of acute analysis and the closest representation of life. In this way, realism, a modern theoretical approach, has acquired a consistent characteristic among different disciplines and domains representing life. Now people are more inclined to see things, whether in literature or a video game or in any kind of media depiction of life, as they are or at least with their closest adaptations. 

Similarly, when we talk about the Tekken video game series. We come to this point of realistic depiction as significant for the game’s popularity. For instance, how close it depicts the characters representing human traits. 

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On the same plane, the director and executive producer at Bandai Namco Studio, Mr. Katsuhiro Harada, explains Tekken 8 content quality based on the teaser released previously at EVO 2022.

For instance, he says that the “the newly created playable character models” entirely sets the quality of Tekken 8 to the next level as compared to the previous Tekken 7 of the series. Moreover, he notifies that minute details like “how water droplets run down the character’s skin” also add to the games’ content quality. 

Harada's Briefing About 2023 Tekken 8 Content Quality
Harada’s Briefing About 2023 Tekken 8 Content Quality

Additionally, he proceeded with a description of the background and some other visual effects as represented in the trailer. He notes:

“Also, if you pay attention to the background during the battle, you can see dynamic waves and tornadoes, a huge tanker gradually breaking apart, storm rendering so realistic that you can feel the wind pressure, the density of the rain.”

Towards the end of his discussion, Harada explained that all these battle-stage effects are yet in development. And the team is working on more dynamically improved effects for the game. 

Later, Bandai Namco confirmed the new features on the official site. So, for now, the players can have the news that Tekken 8 will present the “destructive and stunning visual effects” on the game stage. Meanwhile, the “moves” will add “weight and atmosphere” to the battles.

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The site further reads the appreciation for the new release of Tekken series:

“TEKKEN 8 turns every moment of impact into a spectacle and every victory into an epic story.”

Who Will Be In Tekken 8 2023?

So the question of who will be in the new or continuing story of Tekken 8 can be answered now. Harada (in PlayStation.blog) and Bandai Namco have shared the details about the 8th plot in the Tekken series that obviously cites the name of the characters as well. 

The long prevalent story that presents the family conflicts calling in a combat for the game’s characters will reprise a similar situation as it has been declared that the new story will bring a challenging fight between father and son. So the characters Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama will continue their enmity. 

Moreover, Bandai Namco also has also been briefed about the new character models. It says that these characters are built with “high-fidelity skin and hair.” Also, the team has used “immersive graphics” like muscles that will help to present the character’s movement.

Will Tekken 8 2023 Only Be Released for PS5?

The availability of Tekken 8 ‘on which platforms’ is another greatest concern for the players. So, the players don’t worry! The new Tekken 8 series will be available not only for Playstation 5. Rather the official site of Bandai Namco has affirmed that the new series will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC Digital. 

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The site also celebrates that Tekken 8 will serve as a new strength that will drive the “limits of new-gen hardware and technologies.”

Will Tekken 8 Only Be Released for PS5?
Will Tekken 8 Only Be Released for PS5?

Tekken 8 2023 Trailer and Release Date: A Probability

As the article has already mentioned in the beginning, Bandai Namco’s public document has revealed their desire for Tekken 8 release, probably in 2023. But the site has not yet confirmed the release date. Instead, the players can enjoy the trailer that was released on the official site of Bandai Namco on September 14, 2022. So until Tekken 8 is released, the players have to wait to experience this new game in the series.

Check official Trailer:


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