Ghostrunner 2 is Set to Launch in 2023: Read More About It

Ghostunner 2 is coming back with a bang! It will entail many more new characters with a lot of new details that will make the whole experience of the game 10x more exciting. The Ghostrunner’s roguelike feature is also here! Even though the sequel will come in a while, you can still have fun with this mode. To know more about the upcoming game’s release date and artwork, continue reading the article!

The franchise is quite a recent one. It came out in 2020, and the response it got from the fans was phenomenal. It mainly deals with combat, but the entire lore and the other mechanics of the game make it quite different from the other games in the genre. The 505 Showcase did not entail many details about the sequel to Ghostunner, but thankfully, we are now receiving more details. Well, the second part’s renewal was announced a while ago. So we don’t have to worry about that! 

What is the official release date of Ghostrunner 2? 

The official sources have confirmed that Ghostrunner 2 will release in Q4 2022. 505 Games have stayed silent about the topic of the sequel for quite some time. After the confirmation of the sequel, there was a long drought of information. But now it seems like the production has already begun on the game. Sources close to the developers have also confirmed that the title will release in the fall of 2023. Moreover, they’ll kick off with the campaigns in the Spring of 2023.

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But as we have seen generally with the games, it is normal to suffer from delays. Before, it used to happen because of Covid. But it is also possible because of overburdening. So, until we don’t get a confirmed release date from 505 Gamers, it is better not to rely on any estimates (from unverified sources). 

What is the official release date of Ghostrunner 2? 
What is the official release date of Ghostrunner 2?

The game will be much similar to the previous installment. But it will be on a much larger scale than the last one. The game will be compatible on the following platforms; Playstation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. Until then, there might be a few more additions to the following platforms. 

Rest assured, we’ll try our best to add to this site in case of any new updates regarding the release date. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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As the proper looks of the gameplay are not out yet, we can’t say anything definite about the game’s artwork. But given the details we have received in bits and pieces, one thing is clear: with the launch of the sequel, we will get much more details of the story and the origins of the characters. Who knows, there might be a few more additions in the characters. But that is a topic for another day! 

They will not be reinventing the game! Because they are not going to let go of the basic concept art that made the game so popular. But there will be a more complex element in the game. So, the news about the game being much more difficult to play is true. 

Artwork Related News 
Artwork Related News

We are hoping that parkour and action will still be the developers’ main focus as that is what initially boosted the game’s popularity. We are hoping that we’ll get more details about the game locations and new features in the future soon. 

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So, that was everything you needed to know about Ghostrunner 2. For more such information, stay tuned! 


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