New Evil West Gameplay Overview Trailer released

A gameplay trailer for Flying Wild Hog’s vampire-slaying action-adventure game, Evil West, has been made available. The trailer demonstrates a significant portion of what players can anticipate from the game. Since it was shown off at The Game Awards in December, gamers have been impressed by Focus Entertainment’s Evil West, and a recent video has only served to heighten anticipation for the forthcoming action game from Focus Entertainment.

What To Expect?

Following several setbacks earlier in the year, Evil West was finally certified as gold, late last month, and its launch is now a little more than a month away. A number of publications and content producers got the opportunity to lay their hands on a hands-on preview of Evil West, and the feedback they provided seemed to be positive for the new intellectual property. The compliments were similar to those given to Trek to Yomi, Flying Wild Hog’s previous release, which received praise for its artistic merit and attractiveness. Despite being very different, Evil West appears to be carrying on the developer’s love of spectacular spectacle.

Evil West: Trailer

The gameplay overview trailer was uploaded by publisher Focus Entertainment. The voice-over describes the game as a narrative-driven action adventure that can be played solo or cooperatively. Following a brief summary of the plot and main characters, it is revealed that players will take control of Jesse Rentier. He is a vampire hunter like his father before him. Jesse is a skilled and experienced monster slayer, but he is not known for following rules. Edgar, a former vampire hunter who has been brought back into the fight, will join Jesse, and their relationship should develop as the story goes on.

Check official Trailer:

Evil West: Game Play

The trailer now switches from cinematics to gameplay and describes different Wild West locales for players to explore, ranging from “vast oil fields to infested mines.” The action in Evil West is said to be “all about over-the-top,” with a focus on “style and efficiency,” and it offers players a lot of customization options. According to rumors, Jesse’s arsenal will expand as the Rentier Institute expands, giving players access to a rifle for spotting enemy weak points and a sawed-off shotgun for closer combat. While “dodging, blocking, and parrying,” the Rentier Gauntlet can be used to combine a lightning-infused melee with potent ranged attacks.

Evil West: Game Play
Evil West: Game Play

The trailer ends by pointing out that each weapon and tool has a skill tree that players can advance through, so there will be plenty of customization options for the players. The Evil West video game, which is currently up for pre-order, teases massive foes, graphic cutscenes, and nonstop action. Players will receive the “Wild West East” skin pack as a reward for doing this, which will enable an alternative appearance for Jesse as well as a special weapon skin.

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Release Date And System Requirements


  • PC, 
  • PS4, 
  • PS5, 
  • Xbox One, and 
  • Xbox Series X/S 

Users, Evil West will be available on November 22. The Signature Edition can only be purchased at the Focus Entertainment Store and is limited to just 50 copies worldwide. It comes with a copy of the game, in addition to exclusive box art and downloadable content (DLC), as well as a laminated wooden frame featuring artwork created exclusively by Gabz. The game has previously been postponed, but let’s hope that this one sticks and we get to explore this bizarre location before the year is out. There is currently no indication that Evil West will be released on the Nintendo Switch.

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Do not get your hopes up that the game will be made available through any subscription services, such as Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus; we have not received any information on this front. Naturally, you can count on us to keep you apprised of any developments in this regard.

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