NecroBouncer PC Release Date and Trailer Out!

NecroBouncer is a roguelike dungeon crawler where the user, as a necromancer, works in a dungeon club as a bouncer. The bouncer has to go around rooms and get rid of uninvited guests and evil bosses. In NecroBouncer, the player has to grab their magic staff and work as the bouncer. The game is an ode to the old-school hack-and–slash as players go through the nightclub getting rid of evil people.

NecroBouncer Release Date and Platform

Before the actual release of the game, a prologue has been released for free use on 13th October 2022. It is available on Steam and gives the user a sense of the gameplay. It also gives them an insight into the characters and their abilities. This prologue features all in-game relics and the first two levels of the game. It gives the players a taste of what the actual game is going to be like.

NecroBouncer Release Date and Platform
NecroBouncer Release Date and Platform

The complete game is going to be released on 8th December 2022.

It will be made available to its players in a total of 8 languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, etc.

It is an indie action game that has been developed by Alchemy Sheep. It is part of the franchise and published by Ravenage Games and IndieArk.

It will be available to users to download on a PC via Steam.

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NecroBouncer System Requirements

The minimum and recommended Operating System is Windows 8.1. The optimum processor for the game would be Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 (2*1866), and recommended memory would be 2GB RAM. The best graphics would be GeForce 7600 GS (512 MB).

The recommended macOS would be OS 10.6+ with a storage of 2 GB.

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NecroBouncer Features

The game supports the single-player feature and gives the user full controller support.

Because you are a necromancer, you cannot really die. This means that you return stronger, angrier, and more heavily armed every time you lose. After each defeat, you learn something from that loss and devise strategies and gameplay accordingly. The user also gets the previously earned achievements and relics even though they die and maintain their progress.

NecroBouncer Features
NecroBouncer Features

The dungeon is made up of quite a few floors, and the player has to move by exploring each room individually. Each of these rooms will have a game type (there is currently a handful of them available). The player cannot go back to their previous room. In a simple room, the user will have to defeat all the enemies. They can also get a trap room; they have to traverse a series of traps or block enemy portals with pillars, etc. All these unique rooms demand unique strategies and thinking from the player.

If the player defeats a boss, they get their power gem which they can then equip at the beginning of each game. These power gems will give the players the abilities of the boss who possessed them, and the user can later merge these gems in groups of two to get combinations of different powers and abilities. These help the user to increase their bouncing skills.

The game features old-school pixel graphics, giving it a more retro vibe. To enhance the gaming experience, there are similar background tunes for the player to bop to while playing the game.

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NecroBouncer Trailer

The trailer gives the viewers a glimpse of the many features of the game, like the rooms, the games, the battles, the abilities, the enemies, and, of course, the new clothing! It also shows us a few of the notorious bosses and their other-worldly powers. Capture these bosses and their souls and unleash them onto your enemies. As a necromancer, defeat these enemies and protect your nightclub from these evil people.

Here’s the trailer for the game:

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