What are Mabosstiff Weaknesses? Exploring Fighting, Bug, And Fairy

A large canine Pokémon, known as Mabosstiff, has specific weaknesses that can be targeted to dominate it. Even though its stats might not look intimidating to many, it can still prove a formidable foe. So, the first step is not to underestimate its powers. It is of the Dark-type Pokémon, and its deadly bite can change your game. Follow this guide to win flawlessly over the demonic Pokémon!

While Mabosstiff is not common, it is not rare either. You have to look for it in these areas:

  1. West Province Area Three
  2. North Province Area Two
  3. 5 and 6 Star Tera-Raid Battles
  4. Glaseado Mountain
  5. Casseroya Lake
Mabosstiff Weaknesses
Mabosstiff Weaknesses

The Mabosstiff Weaknesses Which Can Help You Win:

The key is to review its stats thoroughly because that is where the answer lies!

  1. Because of its 120 Attack. Mabosstiff can cause you a lot of harm if you don’t know when and how to use Mabosstiff Weaknesses. Its muscular bulk and fast speed must be your target. Knowing that it is a Dark type, the best attacks are Fighting, Bug, and Fairy. Because of this, Mabosstiff will become weak in front of your attacks.

So, try using a Pokémon, bending more towards using the above attacks.

You should also be aware of attacks or tactics that won’t work on him. These include Dark and Ghosts and Psychic-type moves. You’ll waste your time and energy using them as it is too resistant to these attacks.

Fighting, Bug, and Fairy To Target Mabosstiff Weaknesses

By employing these techniques, most of the hard work is done. Knowing that its Physical Defense is top-notch, it is wise for you to use Special Attacks.

As Mabosstiff comes out in the fight against Arven, you must think systematically. Arven will bring out Mabosstiff to cause you maximum destruction. Hence, these kind of attacks will cause more damage than usual. So, it is better to be prepared beforehand.

Mabosstiff’s Sp. Defense is lower than its physical defense! Utilize this to cause maximum damage to its HP. Sylveon, Frosmoth, Florges, Volcarona, and Gardevoir are the Pokémon that will do the job for you.

But when choosing, remember that you must also keep Mabosstiff’s speed in mind. If you neglect this point, there’s a massive chance that you might fail. Keep in mind that Fairy types have more Special-natured attacks than physical attacks. So, choose wisely!

That is all about Mabosstiff’s weaknesses. Remember to bookmark this page for more helpful guides.


Umama Siddiqui
Umama Siddiqui
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