Stranger Things Finally Reveals The First Teaser of Season 5

The riveting story of a strange girl that began in a small Midwestern town in the 1980s is set to reach its conclusion soon in Stranger Things Season 5, AKA Stranger Things 4: Volume 2.

The bombshell revelations regarding supernatural forces and secret experiments in Stranger Things Season 4: Volume One has set the stage for the finale season in a typically binge-worthy manner, ultimately raising fans expectations for a jaw-dropping ending that will close up the popular show in a memorable fashion.

However, there is also a burning curiosity among the larger audience who can not wait to have their hands on the Netflix’s profit generator’s final season and are dying to have a spoiler or two.

Thus, to tame the fans’ hunger to know more, the Stranger Things franchise did reveal a little teaser or a sneak peek of the fifth season just recently.

Here is all that you need to know about it!

Stranger Things Season 5: Netflix Reveals the First Teaser of Stranger Things Season Finale:

Surprise! Netflix has revealed the title of the first episode of Stranger Things Season 5 on the 7th of November, 2022, at 5:00 A.M.

Stranger Things Finally Reveals The First Teaser of Season 5
Stranger Things Finally Reveals The First Teaser of Season 5

As per the caption of the tweet posted on Netflix’s official Twitter account,

“To close out #StrangerThingsDay, very excited to reveal that the Stranger Things 5 premiere episode is titled…


The tweet was also shared with a picture of the first page of the script that read: “Chapter One: The Crawl” by The Duffer Brothers.

Besides that, no further details have been revealed about the forthcoming season for now.

Watch out the first teaser for the Stranger Things Season 5 below:

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Title of the First Episode Hints the Return of Eddie Munson?

With the title unraveled, there has been uproar on the internet, with many theories coming on the surface, one of them being the return of the fans’ favorite character, Eddie Munson.

Many fans think that the title “The Crawl” has a direct correlation with the lyrics of the song ‘Master of Puppets’ that Eddie performed during his final battle – assuming that the reference is made to this particular lyric:

“Come crawling faster / Obey your master”

Which, if you ask me, does it make sense seeing the said lyric in question does sync in with the (expected) theme of the fifth season as there is no doubt that it will be getting darker and denser from the fourth season – to be honest with you all, with Vecna may or may not be on the loose we can expect nothing less.

More or less, fans are hoping that Eddie (Joseph Quinn) is still alive and will come back in the season’s finale as to them, “this can’t [just] be a coincidence,” to put it simply.

Though this theory seems like a stretch, seeing that as far as Stranger Things Season 5 writing is concerned, the Duffer Brothers already planned out the story arc of the show seven years ago.

So, abrupt changes seem unlikely, but we may never know; the power of the general masses can make authorities do anything. For instance, we have the case of Max; she was not supposed to survive in Season Four, but the public’s love for her made the Duffer brothers change their approach (the same thing can happen for Eddie too).

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What can we expect from Stranger Things Season 5?

Even though nothing much is known about the final season as the Duffer Brothers are trying to be secretive about it, they previously shared that season five will be shorter than its predecessor, and it promises a “Return of the King-ish” ending for the whole series.

Well, they are clearly building up hype, and we are absolutely loving it as there is no doubt that it will have a remarkable end!

Stranger Things Season 5 Plot
Stranger Things Season 5 Plot

But, with that hype, it also brings with it a question about who will be the Stranger Things Season 5 returning cast members, or perhaps will there even be some new characters as well?

Well, Luckily for us, the majority of the cast is returning for the fifth season! I mean, will it be even complete without the whole squad? They are all in, folks! So expect to see them all in action in the Stranger Things Universe.

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Though we do need to wish our Hopper some luck! As David Harbour might have some hard time to lose weight again for the finale like he had to do for the previous one because he had to gain weight for his recent film where he played the role of Santa Claus and now he has to come back again as thin and weak Hopper in Season Five too.

Which is a lot of work indeed!

However, we did hear from our reliable resources that auditions for season five have also begun, though it will bring in the debate of whether Stranger Things Season 5 new characters: a good or a bad thing as it may or may not sabotage screen time for original characters, i.e., Jonathan in the fourth season.

But fear not; the franchise has confirmed there won’t be any major role casting, so it might be for some minor roles in the show.

Other than that, as far as the plot is concerned, the fate of Max and Vecna is still in the air, so that will most probably be covered in the Stranger Things Season 5, but nothing more has been revealed yet.

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Wrap Up:

All the seasons of Stranger Things are available to stream on the Netflix streaming platform.

So, what are you waiting for, folks? Recap all the other seasons till the Stranger Things Season 5 is finally released.

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