Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Release Date Updates

Take out your phasers because we have got some interesting news for all of the fans out there! Star Trek discovery is a gift that keeps giving. In such a short span of time, we have got multiple series from Paramount revolving around our favorite characters. The hype of the show is unmatched. This brings us to our next question; when will Star Trek Discovery Season 5 be released? Well, first, we need to find out whether they have announced its renewal or not. To find out more about it, continue reading the article!

In January, the mega announcement regarding the future of the Star Trek Universe was announced. This event covered a major chunk of what you can expect from the streaming site and the Star Trek shows. And if seen overall, it is looking good for the fandom and the series! So, you need not worry, as your favorite characters have a high chance of returning one way or the other. 

When will Star Trek Discovery Season 5 be released?

Well, the announcement in January 2022 also talked about Star Trek Discovery Season 5. The officials confirmed that the 5th season would return to your screens. So, on official terms, the show has been renewed for a 5th season. 

When will Star Trek Discovery Season 5 be released?
When will Star Trek Discovery Season 5 be released?

Now, the issue is that the creators didn’t announce the official release date of Star Trek Discovery Season 5. So, we are completely clueless. As the previous four seasons have not followed any particular schedule for their premiere, we can’t predict the release date of the 5th season either. But one thing is for sure as they have confirmed its renewal, the 5th season will return to our screens soon enough. 

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The show began its long journey back in 2017. With its debut, it wasn’t successful in attracting a large audience. But like other Star Trek series, the show picked up its pace in the second season. Starting from there, its fan following grew, and it is still going strong! We last saw our team in November of 2021. Almost a year has passed without a release date for the 5th season. But we are lucky enough that we have received the renewal news. 

In July 2022, the team announced that the production of Star Trek Discovery Season 5 had already begun. It was huge news for the fans because after January’s mega event. They were left quite hopeless. Although we don’t have any release date, we can still speculate based on the previous production patterns. 

So, the 4th season’s production began in November 2020. And it came onto our screens exactly a year later. The production for the 5th season started in June of 2022. Expect it to premiere somewhere in June of 2023. Of course, this is not confirmed yet. However, this is our best estimate for the premiere of the 5th season. Rest assured, we will try our best to add to this site in case of any new major updates regarding the 5th season. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page!

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Are there any other official details about Star Trek Discovery Season 5?

Well, we have an official trailer for the 5th season. So, we do have an idea of what the 5th one will entail. Expect to see more character development in ‘Book.’ As The last time, we saw him, his character was pretty much in shambles because of the consequences of his actions. Hopefully, his redemption arc will be an integral part of the 5th season. 

Are there any other official details about Star Trek Discovery Season 5?
Are there any other official details about Star Trek Discovery Season 5?

We saw how the Federation does not operate as a powerful organization anymore. Who knows, maybe in the upcoming season, they’ll finally establish their dominance. That will surely spice up the plot! When we last saw the team on our screens, a lot of new friendships were brewing! We are hoping to see new and more interesting friendship dynamics in the 5th season. 

If we talk about the cast of the 5th season, expect the majority of the characters to return. There might be a few new additions as well. But we’ll likely find that out once we are just a few months away from the release of the new season. So, that was everything relevant you needed to know about Star Trek Discovery Season 5! 

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