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SpotemGottem is a popular American rapper who came to the limelight with his 2020 hit single titled “Beat Box”. His real name is Nehemiah Lamar Harden. In the Billboard Hot 100, his single peaked at number 12. Further, Rebel Music, Interscope Records and Geffen Records signed him after his success. All of this resulted in a high SpotemGottem Net Worth. If you are a fan of his son and want to know all about him, including SpotemGottem Net Worth, we have everything covered. Not only is his professional life interesting, but his personal life is pretty interesting too. so, without any ado, let’s start to know more about him. 

SpotemGottem Height, Age, Real Name, Bio, GF 

SpotemGottem is Nehemiah Lamar Harden. He is five feet and six inches tall. He was born on October 19, 2001, and is currently 20 years old. His birthplace is Jacksonville, Florida, the U.S. he is both a rapper and a songwriter and has been active since 2018. Hip hop, trap and drill are his expertise in the singing niche. 

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Much of his relationship status is under the wrap. Therefore, we cannot comment on whether he has a girlfriend or boyfriend yet or not. According to the different sources, he is currently single and is not dating anyone. 

SpotemGottem Net Worth

No one knows his exact net worth. But a variety of sources indicated that SpotemGottem Net Worth is approximately $750,000. The most contribution towards SpotemGottem Net Worth comes from his singing career. He has released three albums; here is the list of them:

SpotemGottem Net Worth
SpotemGottem Net Worth
  • Final Destination and Most Wanted 
  • Final Destination 
  • Most Wanted 

His singles from the albums are:

  • Beat Box 
  • Attic 
  • Ridin With Ya Bae 
  • Flaws 
  • Federal 

All of his singles have performed well in the peak chart positions of different countries. 

Other sources of SpotemGottem Net Worth include the money that comes from his YouTube channel and Instagram profile. Further, he engages a lot in paid promotions. Therefore, we expect it to be a considerable source of his money. His current annual income is around $100k. 

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On Instagram, he has 995K followers and only 33 posts. His Instagram posts are limited but he actively uploads statuses. So, if you are a fan of the singer and want to stay updated with his life events, follow him on Instagram. His official id is spotemgottem. 

SpotemGottem Net Worth – Career 

He started his singing career at the age he was 17 when he made his debut with Street Gossip, which he released on both YouTube and SoundCloud. The single immediately became an immense success, with more than a million views on both the problem. Later, in 2019, he released My Problem$ o YouTube, and the music video again garnered a million views. His most successful single was Beatbox, released in 2020, which actually brought him to the mainstream music industry. He later received plenty of record deals. His singing career throughout his life ensured that SpotemGottem Net Worth kept increasing with each passing year. 

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Of course, SpotemGottem is in the limelight because of his singing talent, but he was also in the news headlines for his legal issues. In fact, the singer faced arrest three times. Firstly, in 2017, he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. In 2021, he was arrested for aiming a pistol at a hotel garage attendant. They slapped charges of firearm possession as a convicted felon on him.

SpotemGottem: Legal Issues
SpotemGottem: Legal Issues

In 2021, he got shot in the hip in a drive-by shooting. Furthermore, he was also arrested recently, on June 26, 2022, for running from the police. Actually, he was actually driving a wave runner in a restricted area. In total, he faced arrest three times. However, there is no information regarding how it has affected SpotemGottem Net Worth.


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