Shadows House Season 3 Release Date and Renewal Status Revealed

The finale episode of the English dubbed version of Shadows House happened a month back. The fans of the series are now waiting for news regarding Shadows House Season 3. The series, which is a gothic mystery supernatural series, is extremely binge-worthy. The concept of the series is such that it has the power to grip the attention of the viewers till the very last moment. Before we talk more about Shadows House Season 3, let us know what exactly the series is about. 

What Is Shadows House About?

Shadows House is based on a manga. It revolves around the children of a village who are under the guise that serving on Shadows House is a matter of great honor. The twist here is no one from outside the property has any idea what happens to the children once they enter the Shadows House. 

However, at the end of the second season, it is shown that the living dolls inside the house are actually children. Furthermore, the shadows are then created to resemble the children. Interestingly, when these shadows enter adulthood, they fuse with the living dolls; in this process, the shadows kill the soul of the living doll. 

What Is Shadows House About?
What Is Shadows House About?

Interestingly, if the shadows fail in any way to become adults, the living dolls are transformed into veiled dolls who then continue to serve Shadow House. Furthermore, the adults of the Shadow House use a special type of coffee that ensures that the living dolls forget who they actually are. However, some of the children find out the truth and they start fighting back. If the plot interests you, and if you haven’t watched the series yet, you should definitely give it a try. 

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Shadows House Season 3: Release Date 

Now you must have quite an idea about why this series is so popular. Talking about the release date of Shadows House Season 3, we are sad to inform you that there is no renewal news regarding the same. However, the chances of the renewal for Shadows House Season 3 are extremely high as a result of the popularity of the series. 

We hope that we will receive a confirmation about this year and that the release date of Shadows House Season 3 will be somewhere in 2023. According to speculation, Shadows House Season 3 might air in September-October 2023. 

Shadows House Season 3: Release Date 
Shadows House Season 3: Release Date

The Renewal Probability For Shadows House Season 3 Is Strong 

Firstly, there is enough source material for the series. Therefore, the source material is not an issue for Shadows House Season 3. Furthermore, the show is extremely popular, and it has a good rating on different platforms:

  • IMDB: 7.4/10 
  • MyAnimeList: 7.97/10 
  • Anilist: 78% 
  • Anime Planet: 4/5

Another fact that makes the probability of the renewal of Shadows House Season 3 extremely strong is that the second season managed to boost the number of manga by approximately 200,000. This factor plays an extremely crucial role in the decision of the renewal of an anime series. Thankfully, Shadows House has ticked all the checklists which are required for the renewal of an anime series. 

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Shadows House Season 3 – Is it renewed or Canceled?

More About Shadows House

The series first premiered in April 2021. It belongs to the genre of animation, fantasy and mystery. Aniplex, BS Asahi and CloverWorks are the production companies involved in the making of the series. 


Shadows House has been entertaining its fans since 2021. The ratings of the series are good. Furthermore, the second season boosted the sales of the manga. Therefore, even though there is no news regarding the renewal of Shadows House Season 3, the chances of a third season happening are fairly high. We expect the upcoming season to air by October 2023. We will update you with more news regarding the upcoming series once the official information starts rolling. 

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