Xing Chen Bian Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Plot and More

Qin Yu was introduced to one of the best realms in the existing seasons of Xing Chen Bian. Moreover, the journey is not over yet! According to the finale scenes of the 4th season, we still have hope for more stories in the upcoming one. But now the question arises; has the Studio announced Xing Chen Bian Season 5 release date? If not a release date, then have they confirmed its renewal? To find out, continue reading the article! 

The Tencent Video Animation 2022 Conference gave us many important details about a potential 5th season of the series. Hence, we do have a bunch of official details! We are assuming that Shanghai Foch Film will continue with the production of the 5th season as well. Because the team has only improved over the course of 4 seasons. Moreover, the audience has quite high expectations from them for the 5th season! 

When will Xing Chen Bian’s 5th Season be released?

Well, we have great news for the fans because the official announcement is out! In fact, it came in the preview of one of the episodes of Xing Chen Bian. 

The Studio has confirmed that Xing Chen Bian Season 5 will come out in the holiday season of 2022. Turns out the Studio really kept its promise of not keeping the audience waiting for too long. It will premiere on 26th December 2022. 

When will Xing Chen Bian’s 5th season be released?
When will Xing Chen Bian’s 5th season be released?

Who is there in the cast of Xing Chen Bian Season 5? 

We are not sure which characters will return for the 5th season. But according to our speculations, expect the majority of the characters to make a comeback in the upcoming installment. 

What is the official plot synopsis of the 5th season of Zing Chen Bian?

There is no official plot synopsis of the 5th season so far. But in case you have streamed the 4th season, you must have noticed that in the final episode, there was a preview. And that gave us a major hint of what will happen in the follow-up season. 

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It showed us the upper realm but from a different perspective. It looks like in the upcoming season; we’ll get to see a whole different view of the region. There is a lot more in store for Qin Yu as well. Of course, the story is bound to revolve around him. It is up to the writers which new problems they will introduce in their life. But it will definitely be worth watching! Do you have any assumptions about what is about to go down in the upper realm? Let us know in the article below!

Not forget, Qin Yu is also suffering from emotional issues. He has had his fair share of constrained relationships in the previous season. Hopefully, in the upcoming season, we’ll get to see him reunite with his loved ones. 

What is the official plot synopsis of the 5th season of Zing Chen Bian?
What is the official plot synopsis of the 5th season of Zing Chen Bian?

Having said that, there are a lot of other dangling plot lines that the showrunners have to address. The cliffhangers of the 4th season will most likely make the main plot of the 5th one. And yes, this includes Meteor’s Tear and the bizarre mystery involving him. 

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Is there a trailer for the 5th season of Xing Chen Bian? 

There is no trailer for the 5th season of the show. However, along with the release date, we got updates on the new characters that will soon join the 5th season’s characters. You can also stream the teaser! It looks like we might get a trailer in just a matter of days. Rest assured, we’ll try our best to keep you updated on the matter. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page for more such updates. 

That was everything that you needed to know about Xing Chen Bian Season 5. In case you are looking out to watch the first four seasons. Consider this as a sign to do so! Because due to the quality content, it just never gets old. 

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